Crazy Sample Delay Error

Hi all,

I’ve just encountered one of the stranger bugs I’ve seen while using Renoise.

I’m working on adding keyboard parts to an existing stereo mix, so I’ve got one long (about 4 minutes) stereo sample and several vsti’s in the song. I worked on the track for about 45 minutes or so when I noticed that I must have made a mistake somewhere in my pattern lengths (the tune is Strawberry Fields by the Beatles, so there are a ton of odd-length patterns as the time signature shifts). So I went back through to see if I had added or removed an extra 8 lines somewhere, and as I checked the beginning of the song I realized my sample was playing about 5 lines AFTER it was placed in the pattern (it’s placed at the very beginning of the first pattern). Even more strange, the actual METRONOME of the song was playing about 5 lines late as well, in line with the sample. And placing a sample anywhere in the song (even totally new samples I load in) triggers that sample about 5 lines too late as well. VSTi’s seem to behave the same way.

I’m totally at loss as to what could have caused this. I don’t see anything in song settings that could have screwed things up… Obviously the per-track delay setting couldn’t come close to offsetting the samples so much. Loading a different session in Renoise, it doesn’t appear to effect my other songs, but restarting Renoise and loading my Strawberry Fields session doesn’t seem to change anything – I still have the delay.

What on earth could be going on here? Do I just need to start a new session and copy-paste my existing work to it?


I just discovered it’s the Automatic Plugin Delay Compensation… I have no idea what on earth could be causing such a huge period of delay… but there you go.

I’ll experiment later and see if I can figure out which plugin it is causing the delay.

While I suppose this isn’t a bug, it doesn’t seem like this behavior makes a ton of sense. There’s no indication of what’s causing the delay in the UI and a gap of almost a second between visual and audio is really disconcerting.


Are you by any chance using AIXcoustic Creations’ Electri-Q vst? I have noticed that plugin especially with Auto PDC causes some weird delay effects extremely similar to what you just described.