Crazy Sound Contest !!!

Hi to the Renoise users,

I am in charge of a Sound Contest called “Mixage Fou” or “Crazy Mix”

It is a french contest that is already opened at this adress :
(when you access the website click on the bottom right “american flag” to access to the english version)
It ends the 21 of march 2010

The aim of the game: to download the sounds available on the website (go and click on the “Download Sounds” button) and make an original creation out of it. Every effects is tolerated and even fostered (amplify, speed, pitch, and tempo change, reverse, repeat and so on)
A single obligation: to send a creative and fresh composition, not longer than 80 seconds.

It is opened not only for the french but to all people (all the prizes can be sent by post mail !!!)

Feel free to ask for any questions about this contest in this thread

Hope you enjoy this proposition…

There is a contest forum this post maybe could be transported to?

More informations :

This contest is organised by a french university in which I am working as a sound teacher, the email adress you leave to participate will never be used for any commercial purpose (no spam).

You can download the raw sounds with a direct link here :

Listen to them there is a very cool bass line !!!

you can even use those sounds in your personal compositions (copyright free).

This contest is something I make in my extra time and I have no money to make it, I even pay myself the hosting of the website (100 euros). I have some help from my students too.

Don’t hesitate to communicate on it, it ends on next sunday (included) !!

Happy contest !

Just a little bit of curiosity

Are you happy with the rules or the contest in general ?
This event is something that I want to continue next years so don’t hesitate to send me some feedback…

And don’t forget, it ends on next sunday (included) !!

Started way too late but I made it! mixage fou 2010

80 seconds? alé zut! ;)

Don’t forget that it is a maximum duration, it is possible to post 30 seconds or even less…
Your crazy mix is very nice !!!

Hi to all “crazy” renoise users,

The crazy mix contest will end very soon : Sunday 21 at 00h00 GMT

You still have time to participate since it is only 80 sec of creation maximum

Here you can see SOME of the prizes (there will be around 15 winners so don’t hesitate…)

I did something here:



Hi Jonas,

The upload procedure should work, could you please make an extra try (if there are duplicate files I will fix it)

Please keep in contact

Just found out the player in the listening section has my submission in it, so I guess it worked! Probably the uploading of the 2 mb file happens so quick I thought it didn’t happen :)

Everything is OK I have just listened to your creation in the listening section…Niiiiiiiicccce


Thanks, it could have been better if I spended more time with it.

i have started doing something for this,but 1 question is it only allowed to use the included samples?or can we also use breaks?

i think i know the answer,but i thought i would ask anyway :walkman:

Only the included samples !!! You can use what you want inside the samples…

Hope to hear you soon

Don’t forget to check that your creation is present in the “LISTEN !!!” section of the contest website

If you experience any problems send me an email you will find my contact at the end of the “Participate” section

!!! Thanks for your participation !!!

There is an extra prize, this time the jury is you !!!

…You can vote to make someone win an extra prize…

Go to the new “Vote” section…(end next friday 5:00pm)
The prize is one MP4 video player plus a comic book from Angoulême
All the results will be on the website next friday (March 26) at midnight

You are welcome for the award ceremony :
Friday 26 March
Espace Franquin
1 ter bd Berthelot
16000 Angoulème - FRANCE
from 5:30pm to 7:00pm

The voting protocol is bit… uh… lame, isn’t it?
You can vote for yourself over and over and over again

Due to some technical problems the voting system has been changed !
The voting counter has been reseted…

To vote now you have to send an email with the name of your prefered creations at this adress:

In your message you can vote up to 3 creations…
ONLY one vote per email adress…

End of vote friday 26 at 4:00pm GMT!