crazy stuff question


just saw this remix competition in a magazine, but the privacy statement that you have to sign kinda scares me away; check this:
in short they’ll be allowed to use your (official government) name anywhere on any website of Shure distributors?

Just wanna know what the renoise crowd would think about this

This looks like fairly typical legal stuff for a big remix competition on a major record label. Looks like they’re just trying thoroughly to cover their asses, to prevent you from taking any kind of action against them if things should get weird for some reason (ie. if you are a disgruntled loser or whatever).

I think you might be reading too much into it anyway. It looks like they simply want the ability to promote the winner via the appropriate channels, and I assume that they would probably prefer to use your artist name in any such promotions. Nobody is really too interested in someone’s boring average name, like “Hot new Snow Patrol remix by contest winner Nigel H. Tweedlethorpe Bummington!” (or whatever a silly average name is).

Even if they did use your real name, is that really a big problem? Why enter a contest if you’re scared about winning and people finding out that you won? ;)

I don’t think you really have anything serious to worry about here anyway, but you should obviously seek your own proper legal advice if you have any real concerns.

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