Create alias dialog: "Cancel" doesn't cancel

Pattern Matrix context menu - “Create alias”. When selecting multiple slots a dialogue pops up. The cancel button of the dialogue acts as if it’s “OK”, executing when it should just exit.

Renoise 3.1.1, Win10x64

Massive bug. Totally breaks my workflow :wink:

That’s pretty weird. (Just tried it myself.)

The same error applies in the “scripting terminal & editor” directory tree context menu “Create new directory…” and “Create new file…”

I can confirm that both bugs happen (Windows 10 x64). Also, I would like to point out another bug: for some reason, in the scripting editor the context menu of “find and replace” is not properly configured, it does not work as it should.To prove it:

  • Select the frame of scripting editor.
  • Select and Copy a line.
  • Press CTRL+F for open “find and replace”. Now the frame is in find.

Right button of the mouse inside the frame of “find” and press “Paste”.The line will not be pasted in the frame of the “find” (when find is focused).

"Select All"from the contextual menu it does not work as it should.

The same thing happens with the frame in replace.

What is expected of all these operations of the contextual menu is that they happen within the framework selecting, in this case inside “find” and inside “replace”.

All the context menu in “find” and “replace” frames (both) needs a complete revision.These are already 3 different bugs that look similar…