Create Backups Even When Never Saved 1st Time.

A little while ago, I was 1 hour into creating a song, when the power disappeared. Of course I did the big mistake of never saving the track even once, so now there are no backups or anything from the track. I normally setup Renoise to take a backup every 5 minutes, but this is dependent on that the song is saved atleast once.

So, other than spanking myself for not saving it once (and by that - enabling the backup) - I would like to request an option to save backups even for tracks that are not saved previously.

Or maybe this feature already exists somehow? If it does, I’d like to know how. :)

Well you could also just make it a habit to save the song before you start mingling with it.
I usually play with instruments and when i have a few good sounds i make it a habit to save the song with the set of instruments. I don’t have anything put down yet, but my presets and preferences are stored just in case.

The downside is that i have to sweep my disk with rusting songs i never did anything with occasionally because you keep infest your song-folder with stuff that has something but not everything you need.
Still you keep it because after openeing it you are again reminded of the potential of your instrument or first two patterns you wrote, again to close and not do anything with it at that moment just because you still can’t get this follow-up inspiration.

Yeah, I guess I had to blame myself for it, but having a power failure was really out of my hands. :)

As programs are more and more designed to deal with humans (doing errors) - like the Firefox 2 adding “newly closed tabs” to deal with human mistakes, closing tabs or whole browser by mistake or crash - so I would still like to atleast suggest adding the option to backup for unsaved projects too. The backup mechanism already exists too.