Create Dsp Fx In 1 Track Over 16 Patterns

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Ok, Q is: I have a track spread over 16 patterns. During these 16 patterns I would like to make some changes in the native Filter DSP using the A4 preset setting. I’d like to make it go very slow from 10 > A0 over all 16 patterns. Sort of flowing in seriously slow.

Is there any way to do this with one or two clicks?

  • Or does one have to program 16 different automators or manually program 16 different 1110 > 11A0’s?

If i understand what yo uneed,
use bus tracks many you need and fade them in our out, thast all. so simply…
1- send the track to the bus (S01 in default project next to the master) (native / Send Device)
2- KEEP SOURCE in the send device mode
3- volume down the S01
4- insert new send eg S02

  • repeat step 1 as you need.

  • than automate the S01-S02 Volume Fader

5- the last send device mut be MUTE SOURCE

test file:
[test file]( test.xrns)

see in automation or mixer panel - pre faders

well A0-10=90 -> 90/16=6 so automate the patameter to increase 6 numbers each pattern… or so MY math says so.

‘manually program’ sounds - i think - like more work than it actually is. you just enter the start-value on the first line of the pattern, and the end-value on the last line, select the column and press Ctrl+i to interpolate. in your case, and from fonnovo’s math, you’d put 1110 on the first line of the first pattern, and 1116 on the last line of the first pattern. then 1117 on the first line of the 2nd pattern, and 111C on the last, and so forth. the Ctrl+i is your timesaver. you might have to adjust some things here and there to make for a smoother transition. in this case, i think i’d use automation as this works better for me, visually, to determine the transition.

hmmm with all the counting and stuff i did for the above-mentioned values, it might be some more work than i thought it would be. ah, fuck it, it’s a tracker, just do it! the effort is worth it.

Your approach is very interesting, though, It’s still just one pattern sequence. If I’d like to cover 8 or 16 patterns, it would still mean a lot of programming.

… but for the music - it’s worth it!

Thanks for reply

Create an Automation that starts and finishes at the point you want.

Copy and Paste Automation curve into a new LFO set to Custom Waveform and set to One Shot. You have to make sure the size of the LFO window is same as amount of lines you have in a patter.

Set LFO Frequency to total amount of line. Assuming 64 lines per pattern and you want it over 8 patters this gives 512LPC.

Trigger the LFO where you want the automation to start.