Create Random Points - How to set "frequency"?

When writing automation there is an option to create random points. Is there a way to toggle the frequency at which the points occur? It seems to make way to many points to achieve anything im trying to do.

To increase the frequency you have to increase the following number after Y. It’s also two different things to put the y command on a single column cmpared to the fx column.

If you have let’s say 3 notes on the same line and you want only one of them to play at any time, you can simply write y00 in the effects column and it will always play one of them.

If you want one note to play about half the times you put a y8 in the vol or pan column, if you want it to play very rarelythen use a y1 or something.

If you write y80 in the effect column, all the notes on that line will play about half the time.

Edit: eh, i’m tired, thought you were talking about the y command, but that’s not what you’re asking for is it?

Are you talking about the automatic ‘create random points’ in the automation window? I don’t think you can do anything with its frequency, but i never use that feature so i’m not shure. Try using an lfo instead, then the points are ever changing, but you at least choose the frequency.

Advanced Edit can expand the envelope once it’s created:

  1. Use ‘automation’ as content mask

  2. Select ‘track in pattern’ as the scope.

  3. Hit ‘expand’

Once set up like this, it requires a single click on ‘expand’ each time you randomize points.