Create Sample

I’ve been hand drawing a lot of samples recently and I was wonder if when creating a sample that it would just remember that last thing you put in there instead of defaulting back in the creating sample [f11] menu.

Thanks again guys, I’ve finally made the switch over from buzz.

hey, there’s Hunz :)

if I got what you mean, there is no direct way for defining a “template sample”; the only way to achieve this is by copying the previou sample and pasting it on the new slot


Yeah that’ll work a treat … lol, should have thought of that.

I’ve been pressing f11 every time and dialing in what I need, usually 24bit,256 samples and so on. And when you press f11 again it doesn’t keep your values (defaults to what it started with) and I have to dial everything in again. It’s not a big thing and copying the sample over to a new slot will do the same thing so I’ll just do that.

Thank you so much,