Create seperate tracks for samples in instrument

Hey guys!

I wish there was a tick i could make in the sampler instrument tab that
would automatically assign each sample within the instrument to a
seperate row…? Does that make sense? If not, check this image:

In this case i have an instrument with 4 drum samples. After playing in the
samples on my midi keyboard it would end up looking like the image above.

Anybody else wish there was a feature like this?

You mean separate note-column… not row.

Ledger did a script which can reorder notes according to their pitch.
I also hacked into it, producing a version that fit my personal needs. Maybe one of them could be useful to you?

Obviously, there is a limit of 12 samples, as we have such a limit on the number of note-columns. This is also why there is no such checkbox that you can tick - it wouldn’t really be reliable enough.

PS: Since you are talking about creating drum beats, I assume you don’t need independant control of the sample pitch?
Because then you might need to play around with macros and stuff B)

Thats correct. my bad.

Thanks Danoise! ‘Reorder Notes By Pitch’ seems to be exactly what i meant.
Trying it on 3.0 but it aint workin. Don’t really want to revert
to 2.8 though.

Hi Vastique I just uploaded a 3.0 version (tool version 0.8). It should install fine.

If it doesnt try going to the tool browser (Tools Menu), find the tool name in the browser, right-click it andenable` it.


Let me know if any probs.