Create Your Own Cult…php?cult_id=12

that’s my cult

you can have followers and create holy texts, and even upload an anthem! soon he is adding support for having wars with other cults

IIINNNN da gheettoooo :lol:

I’m making a cult.


damn! someone has got my same idea!

I had the idea of a make-your-own-religion portal where you can add your own religion, with dogmas, divinities and so on; this looks like something similar.

I never had the time to make it, but who knows… maybe one day I will quit tracking and make it :)

I want to make a pirate one but lack the motivation. Will join any pirate cult someone else starts. :P

if you write the pirate themesong then i will start the cult :D

check out the themesong i made for my friend’s cult for the funnies:…e.php?cult_id=9

got alot going on right now but when I get a chance I’ll try make one and drop you a line ;)