Creating A Monosynth?

hey all,

i’m very very new to Renoise. though i’ve scoured this forum i couldn’t find an answer to my dilemma…which is relatively simple. I’ve been creating instruments within Renoise over the last few weeks and although the manual states that the key to controlling polyphony is to adjust the NNA, adjusting the NNA doesn’t seem to affect my instrument AT ALL. i’m basically trying to figure out how to create a monosynth.

thanks in advance!

If you have an instrument/sample with NNA set to ‘Cut’ then any new note will cut off the previous note, which in effect makes it monophonic. As long as you have programmed your pattern data in this way, using only a single note column, then the instrument should behave as you expect.

What I suspect is that you’re playing notes on your keyboard, and then you’re getting some overlap or polyphonic behaviour despite the NNA settings? This is because the live playback behaviour is a bit different to the behaviour of the recorded notes.

In this case, you should look at the Pattern Editor Control Panel and disable the Chord Mode function (the piano keys icon). Disabling Chord Mode will force your live playback into monophonic mode, and maybe this gives you a better idea of what you’re doing when you record.

One thing to keep in mind: If your instrument actually has multiple samples within it, then make sure you apply the NNA settings to every sample. You can quickly do this by selecting all samples in the list before you change the NNA settings.

Thanks! Yes, I was create these instruments without doing any sequencing, working from a controller to test them out. Will check that tutorial out asap.