Creating Beats

hi all,

I’ve been listening to a lot of peoples songs from the first beatBattle… there’s some cool stuff in there. What i noticed is that a lot of people seemed to take the basic drum samples given and make really cool beats from it, like with added glitch/rapid pulses in there (i don’t know how to describe it, i’m not really down with terminology, but i hope you get the idea). In fact, even stuff like making a basic rhythm that combines the kick/snare/hihat into one sample.

what i’m asking really is: how do they make these? do they just make their cool beat in renoise then save that as a new sample, or are there external programs used for editing, chopping and combining samples? my default way of doing it would be just to grab all my samples and try do everything in renoise (because i don’t currently have any other programs) but i think the way they’ve done it allows for cool effects without much hassle.

this probably extends beyond just rhythm as well, like when they make a specific effect into a sample rather than just applying filters and stuff.

thanks for any pointers

if you are looking at beatbattle files then they are done with just renoise…

oh sorry, i was meaning the samples they’d been given…

so the samples provided included the stuff i was mentioning.

If you had the .rns files you could see how it all was done…

Isn’t there still someplace online that lets you download those?


yeah, the files are available from the main renoise downloads page, on the right side bar.

but thats not what i’m looking for.
I’m asking how the actual samples themselves were manipulated and created, not how they’ve been treated within renoise.

He’s talking about old BeatBattles where the rules state no tools but Renoise are allowd to be used, so this can not be the case…

DIN A4 and Bantai understand what i’m talking about… thanks guys for the responses :)

so to clarify, a lot of samples of drum patterns/loops that can be downloaded have been taken from vinyl or sample CDs… (right?)

given that, if i wanted to make my own sample like those ones on sample CDs to use in a song, that went like this, for example: kick, hihat, snare, rapid hihat beats (or in fact any pattern, i’m just making an example), would the best way to create that be to construct it using vst/individual drum samples in renoise then render it as a wav and use it in my song? or are there other programs that would be more logical and convenient to use? that’s pretty much what i want to know…

without actually downloading Buzz, it seems like renoise could do the same stuff to create beats…

thanks again!

on a side note, i read someone mention some “highly choppable beats” and was just wondering what that means - is it that there are clean gaps so you can usejust a bit of it?

Here are some drumpatterns of dnb loops, even the classic amen break. You can import the midi files into Renoise but you’ll have to correct them a bit, the import is quite messy.

Bantai and random guest, thanks heaps.


really helpful and informative explanations…

beatslaughter, i’m gonna check out your tute when i get time, sounds like it’ll be good to take a look at as well.

i still think i’d prefer to create my own so i have full control and it sounds more unique, but i guess it’d take a lot longer and not have that nice old-school sound.

The drumpatterns were made of singleshot samples, you can’t get more control. ;)