Creating Chiptunes On Mac/Free Vsts?

First off, glad to be here, everyone! =D

This is my first venture in the realm of creating electronic music. As a self taught guitarist for the last four years, my musical tastes have expanded quite a bit since I first started the instrument, and I guess this is just the start of beautiful music crafting, eh?

My main issue is this: I can’t seem to find many free VST plugins on Mac for 8-bit sounds. Most search results end up with Windows results, and I feel rather stuck. I feel as if I only have two options at this point: Search harder, or find a way to craft my own 8-Bit sounding instruments in ReNoise. Any Mac users around here have any luck with either?

Much thanks in advance!

You can make your own chip samples with this tool:

This VST is free and OS X compatible:

Good luck.

I’m loving it! Thanks a lot, sir! I didn’t check out the first link yet, but as of the moment, are there any free chiptune/8bit drum samples out there?

There’s several chipsounds included with Renoise by default.

One is a kit named “Kit Lofi.xrni”. Look for it in Renoise’s default instrument library.

You could also run regular drums through LofiMat, to get the desired effect.

Enjoy Renoise! Worth every penny. ;)

It’s not prefab, but I do like to create my own chippy sounding samples. :)

The tutorial is fro Milkytracker, which is great for writing chiptunes in, but you can do the same stuff in renoise. You’ll have to pitch the instrument down a bit, I think milkytracker has the default pitch set a bit lower.

Oh - if you DO want prefab, this link has TONS.

I don’t really understand chip VST:s, why isn’t Synth1 enough? It’s far more cabable than pretty much any chip vst around there, it just doesn’t emulate any specific old sound chip, but then again not many chip plugins do that either.