Creating Glitches

Been listening to Plat quite a lot lately and want to adapt a much more ambient glitchy sort of feeling but just wandering what way people create glitchy drums without the use of plugins hope Mr. Kaneel may comment on this as he likes creating clicks and bleeps cheers :) (the only way i really know is to chop a sample up and use a kt’s granulator)

pattern effect commands, sample loops on drums and use render selection to sample liberally.

you can draw glitches in the sample editor with the drawtool :slight_smile:

cheers guys thanks for the help :)

On the plugin side an alternative to using dblue’s glitch I’ve came across this forum for loads of plugins that should help create glitches, Forum (I don’t like the title of the forum though. . .) cheers again guys

There’s no one way, as Kaneel says. You just have to find some approach that works for you.

What I enjoy doing, is set up a really insane synth patch. Use a synth that you know inside out, and can easily get creative with. Arguru’s Voyager or Vember Audio Surge, in my case. Play around with it for half an hour or so, while recording the entire session. Then it’s up to using your ears to extract the best moments out of it to build a nice sample set.

I mainly use the effect commands.