Creating Shuffle Rythms With The Computer

i somehow can’t get it right…
anyone can give me some tips for that? i dont just want to take recorded beats with a shuffle rythm, but want to make my own, just on the computer.
could someone send me a .xrni with a shuffle beat, so i can learn?

got an example on youtube or something?
i’m sure you do it with the delay column.

i mean breakbeats, but just without sampling amen/funkydrummer/insertrandomjazzsonghere

still don’t know what you mean.

song with a shuffle beat:…feature=related

i can’t figure out to make a beat like that on the computer

Delay column or groove settings in song properties page, or automating the bpm. Shuffling is just delaying second beat thus making it shorter and first one longer. Try it, make LPB 4, put a high hat sound on every line and set groove settings in song properties to some preset. You will hear tha grooveh!
Go’n geddit. Groove settings used. Bad thing about those is that you can’t automate them, so if you only need certain parts of the song shuffled then use bpm automation. If then again you need only some instruments shuffled then use delays.

Of course you could run 2 renoises and make your own shuffle loops in another and keep another straight or sync them. On XP it’s impossible tho because renoise can’t occupy just selected asio channels so two renoises means directsound means latency.

sidenote: sorry for the horrible bass region, didn’t hear it because of lousy speakers. But u’ll know how to fix it.

Or you could set the desired groove setting and solo some instruments and then render to wav. Change the groove setting back and play the wav with the grooved instruments.

don’t you get shuffle feel in a beat when using triplets?
if so i guess LPB 12 would be the way to go

All this aside I guarantee you Portishead uses sampled break beats.

I would say they mainly use a live drummer actually.

And who would this drummer be exactly? Beth Gibbons, Geoff Barrow, or Adrian Utley? Keep in mind, many electronic acts use a live drummer for performance, but actually sample breakbeats in the studio.

And they definitely sample:
Biscuit - Contains samples of Johnnie Ray
Glory Box - Contains samples of Isaac Hayes
Sour Times - Contains samples of (2 artists)
Strangers - Contains samples of Weather Report
Wandering Star - Contains samples of Eric Burdon & War


Geoff Barrow on a lot of tracks but also Clive Deamer.

EDIT: So you list a few of the tracks they have done as having samples, which obviouslly they will do. Most dance music, especially Hip/Trip-Hop, in centred around samples! You haven’t even shown that those samples are drums (although at least some are bound to be.) I can find you a load that aren’t on that site if you really want me to compile them. (Portishead - Portishead)
Drums - Clive Deamer (tracks: 1, 3, 6, 8, 11) , Geoff Barrow (tracks: 4, 5, 9) (Portishead - Dummy)
Drums - Clive Deamer (tracks: 1, 3, 5, 7 to 10)

yep, they mostly did their own drumming. then they did cut those breaks to vinyl, re-sampled it and used it like a sampled drumloop. Kinda clever, eh? :D

OK this was a quick list of samples they’ve used that I quickly put together between doing some work.

Only You Samples Ken Thorne from “Inspector Clouseau” & The Pharcyde from “She Said”.
Western Eyes Samples Hookers & Gin from the “Sean Atkins Experience” 1957.

Sour Times samples Lalo Schifrin from “The Danube Incident” and Smokey Brookes, “Spin It Jig”
Strangers samples Weather Report from “Elegant People”.
Wandering Star contains portions of “Magic Mountain” as performed by Eric Burdon and WAR.
Biscuit: samples Johnnie Ray from “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again”.
Glory Box samples Isaac Hayes from “Ike’s Rap III”.

Seems they’re claiming no sampling on Third. Shame the album doesn’t reach nearly the same standard of the early work. Here’s quite a good interview and discussion on it’s production though…yage_discovery/

well I need a very slow breakbeat. of course i knew about the delay column, but that still won’t give it the right feel.
thanks for all the replies tho.

the problem is, that I use the apache beat slowed down by one octave in an intro, but since I don’t want that bongo beat, I put a lot stuff on it, like a pitcher, a highhat isolator, and some sort of tube distortion.
ending up in a nice, but very thin sounding drumming, which sounds ok for an intro, but then, after the intro I got a piano part, and together with this I want a real sounding drum playing on top of it. since I have no possibilty at the moment to record any drumming I just wanted to achieve this with drum samples I have. Though I got the timing right, it still sounds too robotic…

can anyone tell me where i can upload 2 small wav files so i can show you?


which is then topped by this drum pattern:

but it is completely lacking the right feel for me, though the timing is right.
can anyone give me a clue how to do that?

i think the first (reversed?) snare is off-beat.
do you use renoise 2? because there is a much higher delay-resolution in rns2.
the same would be adding silence in front of the snare-sample.

This probably isn’t relevant anymore, since the post was from years back. But I stumpled upon to find a way to sort the problem that rises when doing the shuffle beat the “oldschool” style, where you simply change tempo all the time like:
… I guess you get the general idea by now ;)

Problem with this approach is, that if synths / VSTi’s are sync’ed to tempo, it’ll screw up big time ;)