Creating Smooth Automation

so, how do you guys do this?

i assign a midi controller to some device parameter, and then try to record it, but my problem is that automation envelope holds one value for one pattern line, and even with 8 LPB, this doesn’t give any near control fluidity i need, even with cubic interpolation.

what should i do? thanks!

this really bites :(

can’t the delay column thing be used for this purpose, as it is used for notes?

increase the number of ticks per line in order to improve the resolution in rendering. this will not change the interpolation during play, but it will for rendering.

to increase the number of ticks, use the F2xx command or set it in the song properties if you plan to set it only once per song.

Or for twice the resolution, go to advanced edit, and extend the whole song!

so be it 8)
would be really u’ber with high res automation i reckon.

This is why I use 16 LPB

Not really. This is more a less a GUI problem → How to set automation in between lines.

Regarding the smoothness: If you are using interpolated automations, like the Linear & Cubic mode, the event rate (rate at which automation is applied) is a “tick”. We’ve got 12 tick per line by default, so you get 12 updates per line which is quite a lot. Also most parameters internally do sample precise extra smoothing, so the problem is not how to smooth automation, but how to set / allow new automation points in between lines…

Are yo guys talking about recording automation in the effects column ( this one really blows for acureate midi automation … ) or the automation editor …which does the job fine , but indeed is still limited to one l.p.b. the interplation is good enough …even for midi

How about using the sample editor approach, and introduce a “snap to x” dropdown, and otherwise let it be freely editable?
Additionally, a small input box could be used for specifying the precise offset, just like we can currently do with values?

I do it with a higher LPB setting. LBP 8 or 16.

has anyone read my previous reply? :rolleyes:

Well, did you read the original post? Although you are correct that your trick will indeed create smooth automation, if you read between the lines, eis is probably talking about more control.

And currently, the only way to do that is to increase the LPB

well, why should I read your posts if you don’t read mine? :P

anyway sorry, not that I haven’t read yours, but I misunderstood the problem

Well, that’s because you’re too ninja :ph34r:

Hi folks! I re-open this post to ask if this problem has been corrected with version 3.0 or at least has been taken into consideration by the developers the idea of ​​making automation records independent by LPB value (maybe via a button for activate/deactivate this function, a kind of LPB LINK or something) to achieve automations with rapid changes. I think this feature will be a further strength for Renoise.

Why don’t you just take a look for yourself instead of making two posts bumping a thread about a feature that has been improved ages ago?

This feature has not made it into Renoise 3 (as of beta4), but check out this topic in the Renoise 3 ideas & suggestions forum?

BPM, LPB and Ticks can be automated in the Master track.

Isn’t the automation resolution greatly improved since 2009? I was shure we couldn’t zoom in at that time, or am i remembering wrongly?

Also automation was not yet interpolated at that time (which it currently does now)