Creating synths from scratch

Its been long time since i used renoise actively. Now i want to get back to producing music. I remember i could create good sounding synths with very simple waveforms. I have forgot all the technigues. So i ask you to list here technigues to create your own synths with pure renoise.

I draw a waveform, put effects on it, then resample it, put effects on it, then resample it, then put effects on it, then I change the ASDR and put effects on it.

Then I put effects on it.

I liked the part where you put effects on it.

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putting effects on it should do the trick

(edit: don’t forget to use dsps!)

And plugins!

Go on youtube, type for some synth demo, record it in renoise, take small chunk of sample, loop it, put envelopes and fx, get completely different synth sound B)

Have you tried putting effects on it?

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its kind of what i do, when i put effect on it i usually putting another effect on my effect to get different effect :smashed:

Yeah but which effects and combinations are good for creating bass samples, lead synths, acid synths…? Seems like you can put effects to instruments in renoise 3 :) All i can rember is i used heavily filters with LFOs. Created waveforms with ringmod, drawing sample or akwf waveforms. I lost many GBs of project files when my HDD died :( Havent produced any music after that.

I would suggestion going into the Tips & Tricks subforum?
Lots of cool stuff has been tagged with [XRNI], definitely worth checking out.

Also, Renoise itself contains a bunch of examples (Disk Browser > Instr, then click the “Library” icon)

And a recent blog entry explains how to create an instrument from scratch, acting as an introduction to the revamped sampler too. But … Gasp! No FX.

It sounds quite effective…