Creating trance basslines in Renoise without VSTs. Any tips?

Yeah, that was actually a very good idea, I am sort of know, it’s not my fault I don’t afford to buy Renoise… Sweden is such a very good and honest country, it’s amazing to see that not even their own damn system and rules they are following…

I think for creating real certificated genre specific psy- or hardtrance basslines, Renoise synthesis capabilities are a bit too limited here.

Usually in hardtrance, you have a filtered sawtooth played in unison or multiple oscs which are detuned to eachother. Then at least one oscillator is running free, so the sound varies with each new note in phase. Without freerunning, it will sound very statical, which then might be more intended in the fullon trance genre. Summa summarum I think the foundation of a trancebass is always a filtered sawtooth, usually with 2 oscs detuned. The detune amount then is genre specific. You can kind of simulate osc phase shifting by modulating the pitch or a very short pitch attach envelope, so in the end the phase is obviously shifted. But in reality, almost any synth with two oscs and free phase will already produce much better results. A very good freeware trance synths for example are
Superwave P8 (win only :roll_eyes:)

Also the new filters in the Renoise instrument section may not fullfil the specific filter curve of a fullon bass. There actually were much more filters available, but those were removed/deprecated. I think the old filters would have fitted better here. In the end, I think you save a lot of time, if you simply use a genre specific synths. The are tons of it, even freeware.

Nevertheless I tried to do an example showing some fake phaseshifting. It doesn’t sound very trance like though :joy:, kinda of hardcore synthwave or something:
irgendwas pump.xrns (189.4 KB)
fake random phase.xrns (189.6 KB)

Download Renoise 3.21 demo, it has all features except rendering, and also will nag you to buy Renoise! BTW. it is not that expensive! Please do not share licenses, this is not allowed and not fair to the develoeprs.

In your above youtube exampe, there are mutliple layers. Some sawtooth foundation, then a layer with very short feedback delayed something. That’s why it sounds so crazy, I like it.

Uh huh. Some people have money and wish to throw more at Renoise ( Personally I would’ve preferred it more open source (not a fan of commercial software.)

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Well Renoise is actually something that should be valued alot more… It’s even insane that it is , what? 700 euros… It’s a insanity that skilled coders, with that amount of experience, these people are stupid by being their best self… It’s really just the best and most efficient thing ever to be keep improving,

I am happy to see what amount of teamwork the internet community really has… It’s really not at all as dangerous as people have imagined… It’s actually quite useful when being done. :stuck_out_tongue:

But you well know that an open source of Renoise will not come, so why are you suggesting it again? I think Taktik made clear he is not going to open source anything, and why should he? So then other commercial companies can steal all the hard work for free?

I am curious what is your exact problem with commercial software, even if it is such moderately priced and also comes with such a friendly copy protection and community? At least in our world, money is value for work, and why should anybody work hard to get nothing in return? There are surely very bad examples of commercial companies, but Renoise surely is not one of it.

You also do not need to update, if you do not need new features. Renoise 2.8 still runs fine. But if you buy Renoise, and pay for updates, you will show some respect to the developers. Since you cannot buy anything from words written into the forum, at least.


Just pointing out that the license for Renoise is more than generous - I paid ~$70 USD in like 2013 and I’m still getting free updates on a hugely useful all-in-one music creation environment. Compare that to $600+ for Ableton, Bitwig, or even any piece of hardware you’d use this much to make music!!! Even my cheapest guitar was $250! The fact that Renoise is so cheap makes it easier to put your money into a nice synth that has the sounds you want. However, even there, I get a lot of mileage out of free, open source synths like Helm, Surge, Kairatune, and Tyrell for dialing in useful sounds that can be further tweaked in Renoise.
The downside to #FLOSS software is that projects often die from neglect if nobody is making money maintaining them. I’m happy to pay a little to keep this software going since I get so much value out of it.
BTW, thanks, @taktik and crew!

Sorry if my post somehow sounds rude, wasn’t meant like that. I was for open sourcing Renoise when it seemed that there is no intention to develop further anymore, but now things changed.


Well I really felt that these people would not even mind if I did that, it’s so nice to see that I was right about something that other people said looked stupid, but in reality is just a way of doing something, it’s kinda nice though that a piano roll is bit out of question, cause really, it won’t change anything with the tracker formula, and it’s merely for a being a geek and keep seeing the beauty in these outdated software, but damn I just like notes, but it’s nice to see letters and numbers as just values… of something that also is invisible to see, only felt and heard.

I really think that making electronic music is bit interesting with all the waveforms and all, it’s really easy to understand why people are smart that uses these! Cause it’s a wonder to see what really smart feedback I got here by my really common question… and it’s so typical my simpleness and get stuck on just that, :smiley: like uhh melodies…

No trouble ffx. All I was trying to say was that ‘in an ideal world’ (which of course we know isn’t) I would’ve preferred more software to be open.

The video that Land_of_Bits posted:

Quick question. At 2:20 onwards he adds another bass line. He describes the notes as ‘triplets’. Would you describe them as triplets?

No, I would say triplets is based on 3/4 rhythm, Walzer. The video shows offbeat 16th notes, a triple of it, or something. But I am the worst regarding music theory, so I don’t really know.

Triplets also might be off-the-grid-beat set notes, using delay 80 or so. Common for drum rolls.

What do you think?

Not sure, but I don’t think I would ffx. It looks more just like a semiquaver rest followed by 3 semiquavers repeating.
Interesting though :slight_smile:

I take the liberty to send a guy that inspired me in the topic of electronics, it’s something really actually frightening to see how much I look up to him in cause of not selling his music, and mostly didnt bother others, with something he just cause he was so perverted he liked his own songs ^^

The songs I actually complete I really wanna improve… It’s bit fun, but bleh love and hate relationships

Well, damn one can really make a bad example, gravitation was apparently just control, but atleast the planet is a better idea than me… ^^

Btw. Renoise needs a volume shaper device, LFO and Gainer merged togehter. It would be so much easier :smiley:

You can create a Doofer and drag an LFO and a Gainer into it. Press save and voila! That’s what I did and I use it all the time. I also have an LFO+Filter Doofer that’s super easy to create but extremely useful.

I’d share them, but it’s just as easy for you to create one and get your feet wet building Doofers. Of course you can build way more complex ones to automate all kinds of parameters and effects as your imagination runs wild!

psytrance style bass is super easy. start with a bright saw wave, or really any saw wave. don’t bother with amp envelope shaping unless you need sustained notes, use a fader device on LP filter modulation with a duration about 1/3rd your quarter note value (duration and fader shape adjusted for taste). HP around 70 Hz (again to taste) so your kick occupies the sub freqs (HP kick at 20-30 Hz)
K=kick, B=bass, =rest
typical patterns are
K_B_ K_B_ K_B_
all the above on 16th note patterns
KBB KBB KBB KBB in triplets is also common

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