Creating trance basslines in Renoise without VSTs. Any tips?

Now I have been struggling far to long with the bass that I felt I really needed to ask the community, I don’t know how many “songs” I have totally scrapped cause at some point I get totally sick of the bass I have worked up on, change the sample and voi’la next project.

I just recently managed to start using Renoises own sampler/modulator and DPS chain thanks to the videos by Land of Bits/A-Type, must really say that I am mighty impressed of his teaching skills the absolutely best person at explaining sound design I have ever seen!

So I am really feeling like I should try to use vst as little as possible just in order to get a hang of Renoise, it’s such an amazing software that I after playing with it on and off for a year I am growing to love it more and more! Using external plugins feels more okay!

I know that it should be a very short to none attack, bit of decay, no or very small sustain aswell as a short release. So that part I feel pretty safe with, all tips are much appreciated! I am also very interested about all kind of genres actually but this is the one thing that I have gotten really stuck with, so stuck that I hardly ever do anything else when I am playing with the program.

Thanks for the attention and time!

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Can you post a reference song which contains that kind of bass you are aiming for? Currently I barely have any imagination of the kind of bass you define as trance bass.

For trance basslines, i always thinking about this:

Maybe this is what @PirkoAaro is looking for.

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i think a tutorial is due :sweat_smile:

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at some point i was in the same position but the bass alone its not key in the ““trance”” sound for instance there were times when i had my bass really on point and still i wasnt able to sound like my reference tracks

the drums play a major role in that type of music the kicks and the the way the snare and hats/tops work is very empowering they take shit ton of space in the mix if you are not using the right samples or at least treating them the correct way its hard to get the sound

its hard af for me as well … let me link you to a tutorial i think you will find interesting

in this tut the dude walks you over the most basic trance lines
but notice how everything starts to sound trancey after his processing and when he brings in the rest of the instruments

For me it has been completely impossible to make anything close to this, and absolutely this is quite an offshoot when it comes to definition but I would be quite happy by being able to start getting the basses done correctly so I could really start to experiment with it, so a generic bass would be more than satisfaction!

Gonna go through the videos! Thanks a lot for the tips! I have really looked into different videos about bass making but I still know that there is something I mess up or missing out something. I am also starting to get very into the idea of starting to use only Renoise at the moment for really starting getting into the program!

Thanks alot for the videos! Gonna start going into depth in them! :slight_smile:

I am still so amazed over how simple samples people use in order to make a bass that sounds like it has everything what my basses are missing! ^^

I really started to notice how much of the kick is in what I always viewed as bass, it has actually been very insightful to start playing with DAW’s after listening to an insane amount of Suomisaundi. I really feel that I am so done with anykind of parties cause I am having so much more fun by myself working with it now.

Hey, so thankful Empty Self, you really made things that I was really missing out in Renoise and thought was to complicated to become something really super handy and fun to play with!

Hi Semilanceata, sometimes it’s not a question of mess on bass but frequency overlapping, phase and right tune.
Seems too tech, but it’s not really, so if you want, post or sends me a pattern, I will look what’s it’s wrong and I will explain how to prevent for the future.

I could send you a dropbox link, almost feels bit embarrising! :smiley:

I must say though that the tips before helped quite a bit! :slight_smile:

The FL Youtube videos can be easily applied to Renoise. Maybe you should also show us, what you are already archieved (soundcloud link or other source). So we can help, what’s missing.

I don’t mind giving dropbox links to those who would wanna take a look at it, I can only be thankful for getting help by people who have alot more experience! An amazing community at renoise really,

Dropbox link its perfect! Don’t be embarrassing :slight_smile: I’m glad to help you!

Yeah, kind of funny people are afraid of others opinions after facing the most judgemental of em all first, one self :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t have your vst plugins on my system. But what i’ve seen here, you should just layer several mid basses in the typical rhythm and also add a sub offbeat bass. Just like in the second FL video posted here. Last important one is the pumping sidechain effect. You can use the LFO, which should automate a Gainer effect for this.

There was two files that were Renoise only wasnt it? The sidechain keeps the volumes in order from other tracks or does it have an effect on a individual instrument/track?

Thanks alot, superb to know what I am doing wrong in order to get the desired effect, even though I am not super keep to mass produce lots of psy for myself really, but I got really frustrated when I wanted to do one and found it impossible to get anywhere near those kind of sounds trance is famous for,

but atleast now I know how to keep my own style and sounds :smiley:

The most inspiring feeling is really to like something so weird you know you can never make a single cent of it ^^

Its not the best example, but this should give you an idea. It really depends how good the mid basses sounds together. You can also let them play different sequences.

basic_example.xrns (78.0 KB)

Btw. Renoise needs a volume shaper device, LFO and Gainer merged togehter. It would be so much easier :smiley: Or Renoise should implement Bitwig’s way of modulation :smiley:

Yeah my imagination and inventing mind has been quite shit I must admit also at testing different methods, it’s easy to be sattisfied, paradoxically. :smiley:

Well, it’s a good thing Renoise is still being developed! ^^ I do really like to challenge myself, and I find the tracker system so very charming,

one has to be bit of a oddbird in order to like this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gonna check the example! Super thanks! Really curious of reverse engineering now! :slight_smile:

The honest to god truth is that I can’t look at it cause my verison is not right :frowning: I actually saw a meme of selling my soul in order to buy renoise, but I am all out of soul already! Even that, I was happy I could use a cousins account until I could pay for it, but it’s starting to get bit insane of how life is, atleast I aint gonna pretend… Renoise is even bit to cheap so this is very embarrising! :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t the demo version of Renoise at 3.2.1? Should load it(?)