Creating True Robotic Voices

Ever tried creating these special robotic voices the really sound radiating on it’s own?

You probably tried trickery by ring-modulate a tone through your existing voice-speech.

Here’s a little neat secret:Whisper instead of speaking and use ringmodulation upon that.

I used to do this years ago. Lots of fun :)

Songtitle: Getting Nasty (feat. Bitge)

^robotic voices? :huh:

What about using a delay or early reflections - it makes it sound like metal.

Or try msreader or the old proggy, which benni benassi used for satisfaction (I don`t remember the name).

There are lots of tricks to rape your voice…

An excellent example is “Somnambulist” from BT.

a good one to get “robotic voice” is to speak and not to exhale while speaking, but to speak while inhaling. needs a little bit of practice i think, but you don’t even need any (computer-)effect. :)

thats a great idea, i completely forgot about that!

playing with some comb filters would also sound pretty nice, especially on whispers.
on OSX there is a very splendid selection of included voices that you can control with supercollider3. theres about 15-20 something different voices. you can control everything you could imagine when dealing with the voices also. everything from HAL to a histerical laughing voice. theres even some that work on rythyms. i havent figured out if the rythyms can be changed yet but im hoping they can. i’m lead to beleive that since sc3 can do this max/msp and pd should also be able to partake in this.
like something along the lines of Hrvatski’s Catstep/My Kitten/Catnap Vatstep dsp Remix.

orange vocoder 2.02 can do robotic voices too

Not a best ever vocoder btw… But with own character.
Very cool thing i’ve found lately:

Prodyon Robocoder.

Recommend 2 check it outta. Very useful and inspiring piece of art

Not robotic voices, but you can use them in your tracks none the less.

More realistic sounding.

Give this a try for fun and then add some effects to them.

Did “MC Hawking” happen to influence you with this track?

I noticed some of the lyrics are VERY similar to Quakemaster…

Here is a tip! The best way is to acctually build a robot and then sample it when it speaks. Than you will have true robotic voice samples!

Or you could just hire a robot, but that is not as original…