Creative Flow Died.

the last months i’ve been dead in the water for some reason.
i just moved to the city of Bergen, im thinking that it might be
the reason for my creative block…

  • used to live alone in a house, and now im living in a appartment with 80 flats around me. :\
    so there is not mutch room for playing it out loud so to say.
  • summer has past, lots of adjustments in the real life.
  • haven’t got me a job here yet, stressfull mind,
  • have been listening to alot of 70’s rock latly, might be loosing focus.
  • and last. have a feeling there’s something awful on the verge of breaking out
    in the world… times they are a changing… :S

any useful help at all will be appriciated.

peace dudes/dudettes…

Man you’re stressed. Take some time to relax and do only the stuff you have to do, and rest of the time just try to chill out, play some instruments just for fun without any goal, smoke a j if it suits you, meet some friends, have phun! You gotta get your basic things solved before you can focus on something totally useless like music. Start writing diary.

Annide: Om eg budde i Bergen, som eg nesten e fra skulle eg hatt timescompo med deg og fått opp kreativiteten igjen. ;)

But, in plain english, Telepatu has a point. Sort out your basic things first. You don’t have to actually create music, just play around with it for a while in stead. Dj some, perhaps? Get a set of NICE headphones, you’ll adjust I’m sure of it.

Also, there’s always something awful in the world, unfortunatly… You can’t let it get to you if there’s nothing you can do about it. We’re pretty safe in Norway, although my GF would differ, heh… I just tell her the same thing to be honest.

Oh, and good luck finding a job!

man, of course if you tell yourself that your creative flow is gone, it will be. keep it positive and don’t think about it too much. i second the notion of getting some good headphones.

you should also participate in some compos, maybe deadlines will get your juices flowing! (it did for me)

If I get stuck for ideas, I sometimes just faff about on a synth or midi keyboard, work out the chords to some cheesy 80s hits like van halen’s jump or something. Don’t even fire up Renoise, just play around on a keyboard (or guitar if that’s your thing) for a few hours and play some stuff, record it, layer it up in a wave editor.

Often it will sound crap but it’s a completely different way of thinking about musical structure and can be a refreshing change.

Heres a quick cover version of a Boards of Canada track I did a while ago when I was bored:

Heres the original:

When I’m lost for inspiration, I mess around with VSTs… chain as many together as possible and tweak knobs… mess with VSTs that are so obscure they seem useless… and generally just have a good time doing it. Another thing that can bring inspiration is using odd samples. Go to and find some wierd sounds you can use for a song. Btw, when messing with VSTs, a good idea is to record your experimentations so you can sample from them later.

Same here. I live in a flat, too. Okay, I have a well-paid job but the work is 100% stress. I hate it. And I thought, I lost my creativity, too.

But that will be over soon. Get some s.x and it will be cool

I was just speaking to the great galatic caretaker for the cygnus/gemini sector and she says you’ve stoped writing for a reason. It is of great cosmic importance that you stop making music until we give the sign. Thank you for your cooporation.

Sorry, can’t help you much there. Been having a dry spell for well over a year now. Creativity comes and goes I guess. For me this season is usually a big source of inspiration. Try to see the beauty in the rain, wind and darkness and to create something moody instead.

Your version actually sounds more like Boards of Canada than the original! :lol:
Did you program those instruments yourself? What synth is that?


Cheers. :)

It’s a Kawai SX-210 with some reverb off my mixing desk. It’s a lovely synth, but unfortunately has no MIDI.
Mine is also getting a bit senile now and occasionally blanks it’s entire memory or decides it wants to play random notes when you’re not even touching it.
Yeah I programmed the patches myself - it’s the whole point of having a synth, no?

ha! thanx for the interest. actually, 1 hour after i wrote the text i got a telephonecall from a ship-construction firm and they wanted me to start rightaway :) i’ve been down in the dumps for some time because i didn’t have a job. after that i went to a party and drank a bottle of wine w. more and jammed with a dude that was in the international grand prix finale :D we really worked it out and i gave away some ideas to him for new tracks in his band. so now im gonna try to focus on earning more money, get into the new enviorment and teach the art of building boats… and let the cosmos sort me out.

phonkey : its a known fact that life and music is incorporated into eachother. everything is.

if you play a song on your recordplayer, im sure that 3-4 other people
catch the energy and get influenced by it. :\

about the war and disharmony in the world.
i guess i only have to write ying/jang = earth grid, electricety. eh eh.

Foo? : for the first, the galactic caretaker is a He/She… and second.
theyr words are my law. so i’ll try to not produce anything for some time.
btw. do you know anything about the hirarki of those people? how many
steps are there in the chain of command?
im guessing 4 or 5… but i havent got so good connection.

Not sure of the Hirarki, but what I can tell you with fact is that the number to watch is 7. In fact, 7 of 7, according to some, making a full 49. Imagine stage 49 being the lowest, like base physical things like rocks and minerals, and stage 1 being the hightest all encompasing, the ALL. Now, humans are on… wait for it… stage 47. That means we have 47 stages of evolution left to attain perfect evolution and enlightenment. We’ve come all this way, consciously, from rocks, to plants, to animals, to human… and we still have bloody 47 stages to go!! Some beings are already ahead of us, e.g. divine prophets like Mohommad, Buddha and Jesus were manifest 46 selves. Our local solar system caretakers are a few stages above that again, and hence for all intensive purposes are our ‘gods’. But of course, there are many more larger forces out there that we are completely insensitive to.

Hope that helps, it’s a bit of a crash-course. :)

what the …???

my guess is that we wont ever see the 47’th stage here in this universe cycle. something has gone terrebly wrong in the spiritual sense. an i also belive that the gods, the caretakers, will take our physichal and spiritual essense and drop it somewhere in the far future after they have blowed up a new universe-bubble for us. restart the experiment. :P

but one thing is for sure.
i’ve personaly seen stuff that nobody could belive, and theres is
something runnging the show from behind the curtains. :)

you are what you think you are,
you become what/where you thing
you should be.
we choose ourselfes.

my philosophy to share.

and im all for the 7’ns

btw. i would also like to share that i love my new job, and are getting
really interested in learning more about the ship building trade. :D

so do you two actually understand each other or are you talking a bunch of BS?? :blink:

A lot of this is is basic esoteric cosmology. I understand Annide, although each of our renderings of the detail could be debated about for decades - such is the nature of human’s POV.

Annide, there’s a strain of thought that states that humankind has until 2500 to sort out it’s ‘current mess’ - if we don’t do it by then we will have missed any chance of moving forward and face physical extinction. The idea goes that human eons go in cycles of 2500 Earth years, but have transitionary phasing of about 600-700 years either side. The 1960’s were the first major public collective consciousness englightenment, but since then the powers that be have flipped back to push down radicalism and maintain the fear (power). We’re in the middle of the struggle now.

According to esoterics around 3 million years ago precursors of the lumerians and atlantians had a ‘perfect society’ (which also came close to happening in parts of ancient Egypt) - there was no fear and the people trusted an esoteric elite who guided the people with the hand of love and consciousness development. But the downfall came when a schism occoured in the elite, where one half became ‘tempted’ by cosmic power and knowledge and used it for their own manipulative fear driven ends. Ever since then human consciousness development and quality of society has been up and down, but largely rests on that point: the struggle between truth/love and power/fear. If we don’t collectively sort it out by 2500 Earth may be obliterated.

It’s a shame really, because the rest of the universe is a total groove. Humans seem to be this paradox, perhap symbolic of the internal struggle in the universe between order and chaos.

Oh and about that predeterminism thing… Don’t think about it just do it. ;)

Here is another strain of thought: “if you feed polar bears fried bananas they will develop wings and be able to re-charge batteries with their ass”


Annide: Kind of in the same boat, having moved from one city to another without knowing anyone. As another poster said above, take care of your basic needs and get settled. Then after that try and find ways to have fun, go out and see the sights etc. Having a good time and feeling good about yourself is a great way of getting inspired to write music.

Fo: 2500 you say, that might be accurate with the christian calendar, but if you follow the Azctec Tzol calendar that i am, you might get a bit strung out concerning getting done with stuff you would like to achieve. according to that the end time is 2012 or descember 2012… so i’m in a hurry. some years ago i was told this in a “dream” and i was shown alot of stuff that surounds that topic. i also got a mission and a purpose during that, and im going to live my life following the message.

have been working for a week now, and still kickin ass at earning money. gonna push trough a personal barrier here and see what’s on the other side. :)

if anyone is intereseted in reading up about the ancient tzolkin
go here and get most facts.

SONICADE: KEEP ON TRUCKING, its hard to live, but harder not to. :)