Creative Routing Suggestion

Would it ever be possible that Renoise would allow routing to “previous” send tracks?

And by “previous” I mean, send tracks to the left of another send track. I’m sure everyone knows that you can’t route the output of one send track to another that is “before” (or to the left of) another send. It would be awesome if that were allowed so people want to experiment with feedback synthesis (like Karplus Strong) can add textures and effects till their heart is content.

I messed around Karplus Strong in Ableton after my homie from Detroit showed me. The whole time I was like “I gotta do this in Renoise”. Apparently a lot of Detroit Techno producers love Karplus Strong.

Karplus Strong is dope. I keytrack delay times in the multitap delay with high feedback values and use the integrated filters to do KS within renoise. pretty much anything works as an impulse, bits of noise, waveforms, acoustic samples, etc. If I want a conventionally pitched instrument, I’ll find a timbre I like and resample it, tune it, process further, til I get the good stuff