Creative Soundcard: No Asio In 64-Bit Version?

Or maybe it’s just the Creative ASIO? Well, in any case it doesn’t seem to work at all, no sound is produced and the whole driver doesn’t seem to be present at all, or something. Clicking the Control Panel or Reinitialize buttons does nothing, nor does trying to change the sampling rate. DirectSound works normally. Attachment pics show the difference between the 32bit and the 64bit versions. In the mixer when it comes to track routing it also says just “None” there.

E: I guess I should also mention I have a creative X-Fi based soundcard and running Vista 64-bit.


looks like there is no 64bit Creative driver installed. Please check if Creative offers one on their support site. ASIO4All may also work for you.

The ASIO driver should be 64-bit in the first place, if your soundcard doesn’t have true 64-bit drivers you can forget about ASIO support in any 64-bit music application.
I would suggest to check if there is a driver update for your X-Fi card, that might solve the problem.

That’s what I was actually guessing was the problem though I am recalling it working under some 64-bit applications. I don’t think Creative has provided proper 64-bit drivers. Thanks for the help and confirmations, I’ll just use the 32-bit version then :).

there are 64-bit kx driver with asio support in case u really wanna go 64.

just saw, that you have x-fi. nvm then.