Crockett's Theme - Orchestral Remix

This is a remix of the famous Crockett’s Theme made by Jan Hammer for Miami Vice in 1985. As one of my all-time favorites, wanting to try out a new sample library, I chose this song for an orchestral remix mainly because I know it, and also because I was curious how it would sound in an acoustic version.

It turned out quite well, it was fun doing the substitution of synths with orchestral instruments, and I had quite a good time composing this. (The hell I did, the exams were over! )

June 28, 2012

What do you say? :)

Could i suggest you to replace the percussion line and transform it into a military snare riff, making it more of an anthem rather than trying to create a 1:1 orchestral projection of the song?
But the rest sounds very well dressed up.

Very good! but I agree with vV on this one. I think if the percussion is changed you can give the whole song much more impact.

Damn, orchestral drumkits always drive me nuts. It’s one thing I rarely manage to do in a way that it sounds good. I’ll see what I can do, but I feel I need to rest the earbleed for a few days…