Crosfade Between Tracks With Midipipe On Osx

Just a little cross fading trick using MidiPipe. It is a simple trick I used to do with MidiOx before I went mac, but took me some time before I could reproduce on the mac, hence I share it here for everyone else as stupid as I am :-). In MidiPipe it is easy to take a Midi CC input, duplicate and invert it and output it as an new CC.

In renoise set up two send tracks, A and B. Route all tracks you want to A or B using send devices. Now with track A active open Midi Mapping (cmd+M) touch the Track Volume (first in the Track DSPs list) and fiddle with a midi controller of your choice. Next select track B, and manually set up a CC with another number that doesn’t interfere with anything else in your setup.

Fire up MidiPipe and create a pipe with a Control Spit and Midi Output entry.
Set the Control Split source to the CC for send A, select Inverse, Duplicate original message and set controller to the CC for send B. Set the Midi Output to your renoise MidiInput and you are all done.