Cross-Tool Communication??

Are there ways to expose the function to launch a tool (e.g. Overtune window) to other tools? You know, so I can have a midi function in another tool that decides to call Overtune.

“Each tool get’s it’s own instance of the lua interpreter […] if you define a global variable, only the tool that defined it will be able to read it.” Source.

For your own personal use, you could maybe try using the built-in “Libraries” structure. For example, look at the included com.renoise.ToolUpdater script, which does a require "renoise.http" located in %/Libraries/renoise/http/

Distributing this would be problematic though. Since XRNX packages are self contained, you’d have to write a small HOWTO informing users that they would have to manually copy files, etc.

This is great I’m going to look into that. And yes, I would probably just keep this solution to myself, the tools are great the way they are right now (I mean still showing near perfect stability in all cases etc.)

I was wondering if somehow customized OSC messages could be used for this?

just read Snippets/Osc.lua and daaaamn. cool stuff. real modeling and drawing stuff up before coding lies ahead of me.