Cross Track Signal Routing

Have followed topics on this for some time and thought to make things simple.

1. Receiver spinbutton is replaced with dropdown list containing structure similar to this:

- Send channels  
- Effects  
 Bass: Compressor (Sidechain input)  
 Track 08: AM modulator (Modulation input)  
 Vocals 1: XYZ Vocoder (Signal input)  
 Track 11: SC3 (inputs 2)  

2. Added stereo matrix. It behaves like this (Input -> Output):

  1. L+R -> L+R (Stereo signal is transmitted)
  2. L+R -> L (Stereo signal is mixed to mono and sent to left output, right is is left untouched)
  3. L+R -> R (ditto)
  4. L -> L+R (Left input is sent to both left and right output)
  5. R -> L+R (ditto)
  6. L -> L (Only left channel is transmitted
  7. R -> R (ditto)
  8. L -> R (Left input to right output)
  9. R -> L (ditto)

(Hehe, too much explanation)

If the receiving device has only 3 inputs (stereo pair and one extra) the R and L+R in output are grayed out and L selected, because you can only send there.

Should be simple enough. Thoughts?

about 1: a double dropdown list would be better in my opinion: one dropdown to select the destination track (of course the track to which the SendDevice belongs is the default) and another to select the DSP of the track which is currently selected. another probably better solution is the “T” button you showed here

about 2: a way to mix the signals would be even better (40%R + 60%L), but probably too crowding

I am not that sure about that. The point of send device is to send to other channels. I think the current behaviour of sending to first Send Track by default should be kept as it is what people want to do most likely. Does it make any sense to make sidechains on current channel anyway?

The double selections may actually be confusing, as there aren’t too many plugins with sidechain inputs anyway. The feature itself can be compared to VST alias lists in other places in renoise. I don’t think the list becomes too crowded.

Yeah, I don’t think this falls into the scope of this device anyway. The matrix is provided for occasions when the device you are sending to has odd number of inputs, or the extra inputs are not exactly stereo pair but two unrelated mono inputs.

For that kind of mixing I’d say we should add “Balance mode” into gainer device, but this is another topic.

I wonder where my brain is these days… of course you are right…

Not at first inspection, however, one must consider the possibilities if you sidechain to a device that’s further along in your chain.

For instance:

Example 2:

I’m sure there are more uses for it as well… these are just the two that instantaneously come to mind.

Ah, yes! Ofcourse, there are reasons to create sidechains on current track aswell, and it should be allowed. I was just replying to It-Alien idea of making current track default, which was not a good idea.