[Crossbreed ] 4 Hardcore/Dnb Crossover

There is no more in Hell

Some Murders take years

Join the Darkside

Invisible Zombie

tell me what you think of it !

:yeah: :drummer: :yeah:

Its sounds well made only not really my style, its a little to fast (relentless…?)for me, i feel exhausted when listened to 1 song :P

But if you are into the style this will be really good stuff

As a fan of tech. itch and TOA, this is really the kind of stuff I dig for :)

Your tracks are intense as expected, nice beats man! =)
The intro and the main section in “Some murders take years” are really awesome, but the track could have been longer, I expected a second part, maybe it could completely turn into hardcore madness!

Technically, the overall sounds quite good :) These are just a few thoughts :
You could play a bit more with stereo, like randomly panning kicks and stuff in breaks…
I think the kick in “Dead by silence” could have an even more defined attack, you should try changing the pitch envelope / layer with another attack in higher freqs / and tweak a bit more on compression.

Thanks for sharing :)

Panning kicks is generally not a good idea, especially if you want to ever get pressed on vinyl, plus the amount of sound systems that are set up for mono bass you have to be quite careful.

thanks for feedbacks
tracks are short because it’s only clips so i can send full track to label
Dead by silence is my artist name (but i’m not really an artist lol just some kind of noise maker : :yeah: )

Hey, check your soundcloud inbox. :P

I think it depends… If you’re not introducing L/R phase shifts and take care to keep the low frequencies mono-mixed it’s okay. Setting up a routing for this is quite simple, but if you’re lazy there are dedicated plugins such as monofilter :)

Oh, sorry I wanted to talk about your track named “there is no more room in hell” :)

Good stuff there, just the sort of hc I would like to listen more in 2010

Hence the word generally ;)

thanks for the feedbacks :drummer: