Crossfade Loop Creator

Is crossfade loop creator available in renoise 2.8?

What exactly does the button : Create cross fading loop?

What does it really help with?
I record something like 10 seconds melodic samples, so I almost never loop them.
So, for example when a crossfade loop would be useful?

It’s just a basic tool to help you quickly create seamless loops in your samples.

You can select part of your sample and use the tool, and then it will automatically cross-fade the start of the selection into the end of the selection, so that it loops in a smooth way (hopefully).

It doesn’t work perfectly on every type of sound in existence, but it can still provide some nice results. Just give it a try and see for yourself.

Ok thanks, but can you give some tips? For example I’ve noted that it creates better resullts when you loop odd number of cycles in a wave(like 3,5 or 7). Should it work good for samples that have a long lfo appied on it? It was always a pain in the as that you had to manually search in a loop for a place when lfo takes full cycle.

Also, thoes this function differs in any way from 2.7 to 2.8? If so which one is it in 2.8 beta?

(thanks for leaving in the original crossfade function in the right click ‘process’ menu, wished it had a keyboard shortcut though)

Yep. Sorry, I should have gone into more detail.

It works a bit differently depending on the type of selection you’ve made.

If you select the entire sample, then the sample will be divided into 2 parts. The loop will be created in the 2nd half of the sample. The 1st half of the sample will be gradually faded into the 2nd half, to create the endless loop. This can be handy for rhythmic stuff like drum loops. For example, if the sample has 2 bars of a drum loop, you can quickly create an endless loop that stays synced to the tempo of the loop.

If you select some smaller part of the sample in the middle area (ie. not exactly at the start, not exactly at the end), then the selection is divided into 3 parts. The first part of the selection is untouched, the middle part of the selection contains the loop, and the 3rd part is fading out of the loop and back into the normal sample again. This allows you to create an instrument with some looping behaviour, but still trigger the remaining part of the sample when you release the note. (Enable the button to the left of the loop settings). This is why you have noticed it works better with an odd number of cycles like 3, because it is actually dividing the selection into 3 parts. This can more useful for creating looped synths, basses, pads, etc.

It’s a bit strange how it works, but hopefully it allows you to create nice loops for different purposes.


Thanks Dblue! Now I know exactly what it does, and I’ll try If it works good for me. If so, I would not need to record such long samples anymore. Thx.

The instrument sample section could also be expanded by performing some granular loop option like it is done here:

Yeah, i’ve checked it out, works cool