Granular Synthesis In Renoise

Hi, in this video i will show one of the techniques of making granulation of a short samples.

As renoise haven’t yet integrated random sample loop start and looping point overlap, i created a short video for you making this in different way.

Useful if you have good short sample but its sounds ugly when looping.

watch in full screen HD

no voice comments! just action.

p.s. it may need some tweaking changing lenth and form of the envelopes, changing speed, it is acctual granular playground :)


Thanks for this amazing tips!!! :drummer:

Thank you to for the first and positive feedback :)

i wish i could done better, butt hope it is clear what i did there. :)

Cool gimmick! Thanks for sharing! :)

Very nice trick! Thank you.

That’s indeed a very great tip to get seamless continuation :)

Thanks for the awesome trick! :)

I didn’t know about randomizing effect values. Very neat.


evil trick , very nice.

well anyway this is posible by adding those random values by hand writing random numbers :))) but this is just faster way to do it :)

great technique!
thanks for sharing

This is amazing.

Amazing tip! Thanks will test and play with this :slight_smile: