Crossfading Layered Multi-Samples?

I would like Renoise to optionally crossfade samples between velocity region boundaries for smoother playing. I actually thought it would do that as overlapping sample regions are allowed but if it already does I didn’t hear it.

On similar vein I would like to optionally map MIDI CC (like aftertouch) to instrument volume so that I would have control over what sample is played after instrument is initially triggered. Currently sample is selected by note velocity.

I think the individual sample envelopes request should apply here:

I guess the second feature would fit in the same scenario.

It doesn’t. Overlapping regions are twice as loud as the single non-overlapped region (assuming both samples have the same volume). I requested the cross-fade functionality as item 1 here:

I don’t know how common this feature is on other samplers (I never found it in Shortcircuit either) but it seems rather important to me; otherwise you’re going to get very uneven volume on an instrument with overlapping sample zones.

For the user-interface, I suggest the REAPER approach. Dragging two zones so that they overlap could automatically create a cross-fade, which would be superimposed as an envelope outline on the zone rectangle. This could then be adjusted as necessary.

Sounds like it should be a global option within the instrument, with per-overlap overrides … maybe.

Definitely a good suggestion (and fun to create such morphed instruments). We had this in the TODOs for 2.7, but didn’t managed to finish this for the beta. We’ll either try to get this done during the beta, or in upcoming releases. Can’t promise anything here though. Sorry.


this would be awesome improvement in the future!