Crossfading Send Device

The idea is to have one device that send to two outputs. Great for making those “the sound disappears into a wash of reverberation” moments…:slight_smile:

Imagine this layout:

xxxx Device xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Send 1 destination [dropdown]
Send 1 amount [0-100]
Send 2 destination [dropdown]
Send 2 amount [0-100]
Crossfade amount [0-100]

Right now, it is possible to make something simular using MidiOX, CPS or some other MIDI translating software, but I would use it a lot more if it was built into the app itself.

If it was possible to assign one controller (it isn’t in its current state afaik) to several sliders this is already possible in Renoise by adding 2 send-effects to the chain with active “keep source” on both. Then you could assign the same controller to the amount-slider of both send-effect-instances and set the second slider “inverse”. The amount in your layout could be replicated by adjusting the min/max-values accordingly.

good idea, especially for live use …

If important to you, try the MidiOX or Bome’s MIDI translator solution, and create some very complicated controller mappings. It worked for me, it’s just something that I’d prefer to be built into RNS.

The crossfading device is simple yet useful.

Does Bome’s MIDI translator work in 1.8?

Probably not, because it doesn’t override DirectInput.
I don’t think it ever will work.