Crossover phase distortion for sound design

Its an interesting side effect and its useful for sound design:

Just use a FX chain and add a Multiband send effect there, then duplicate it several times, so the crossover phase distortion is more noticeable. I find this kind of effect useful on pluck sounds, rolling style-basslines or sometimes also kick samples. Depends on your source material and what you want to archive.

To bad, you cant Doofer these chains. Multiband send effects are also not possible to use as in normal track effects, because it’s forced to connect with send channels. Maybe this restriction can be removed like in FX chains.

You can create similar effects with Fabfilter’s Saturn and in Reason with the Vocoder (in EQ mode).


very cool…epic allpass filter for free…

haha stack 4x multiband send in “keep” mode, then hydra for one band’s frequencies while the other is out of the way, then control hydra with an LFO…

Oh wow, i think Kilohearts sell a plugin that does pretty much this. It’s called disperser