(Crossposted) Recent creation


An ambient piece I put together in the last two days (give or take an hour or two).

The padsynths were made with no thought to space efficiency, so the samples are bulky. Sorry. I think the sound quality was worth it.

Let me know what (if anything) you think.

My main point was to illustrate that Renoise isn’t just all about oontz-oontz-oontz, contrary to the grumblings of some folks. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Could you put it on soundcloud? Then I can check it out at work. :slight_smile:

I guess I could …

… but …

Ugh, there’s no way of saying this without sounding like some kind of elitist audiophile snob.

Even high quality transcodings of this one sound like crap because of the rather delicate interplay of harmonics. I mean, it’s completely recognisable, but it’s a sonic mess.

OK, now that I hate myself on a truly deep level:

Sure, I’ll try to work out this cloudsound whatsit that the kids are so excited about these days.

After about twenty minutes of trying to make sense of soundcloud’s stuff I gave up and make a bandcamp account.

Here it is, then:

Nice, drifting and relaxing track. Very minimalistic.

Is this now your first track you have released on the forum?

This forum, yes.

I’ve released a track which I made with sunvox for a competition, and I also put that up on the bandcamp site.

I’m also thinking of a couple of halfway decent tracks I made years ago using (don’t laugh) garageband.

I’m not the world’s most productive musician, but I usually have a fair degree of polish to something when I decide that it’s complete.

Both track fall into the ambient genre. Are all your tracks ambient?

Not really.

I’ve done other stuff, for example I’ve put singer/songwriter type poetry from other people to music for solo guitar, I’ve done music for amateur movies and so on, but I do tend to stick with downtempo stuff.

Maybe I just don’t drink enough coffee.

It’s a bit weird, since I tend to listen to a lot of heavy metal, but in the end I admire people like Kitaro, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Andreas Vollenweider, Klaus Schulze and the rest of the Komische Musik scene.

Obviously, not very cool. I’ll never get bucketloads of groupies.

I try not to be too snobbish, but the fact is that my classical background means that I have a strong preference for musical complexity. This doesn’t always mean shredding guitars, but can mean that I’m careful about harmonies, harmonic development, broken rhythms punctuated by musical negative space and so on.

My aspirations are a lot higher than my achievements.

i love this music

i wish i had some space game with it, floating around with a high inertia spaceship and shooting asteroids with slow explosions and no sound fx :smiley:

Thank you very much!

I hadn’t really thought of it as spacey, but now that you’ve said that I completely see it.

I guess this relates to some kind of post-modern commentary on the audience redefining the work.