Crowd/audience Vst

Hey guys, allot of songs have the sound of an audience cheering or a crowd or whatever, Is there a vst to make and customize this sound?

A VST? :blink:

On a second thought, it would be really interesting to see such fully featured VST, where you could for example set up how many people there are, gender structure, their mood, their reaction to the music (whether they like it or not) etc… :)

a simple sample based solution may involve filtered white noise, various whistling and clapping samples chopped with 09xx and some reverb ;)

I’d also use live-samples

Nice sources are mentioned in this thread clik

great idea ! you could make them shout things or laugh like on sitcoms

if it hasn’t been done before, it would make a good devellopers challenge…

someone like xoxos could probably make such VST…maybe you should drop him an email if he’s interested?

Hey, speaking of samples, is there anywhere you can get a, pardon my french, “Huge ASS” pack of samples? Cause I hate downloading them one at a time.
And also, what is that xoxos guys email?

you can look for “sound ideas”, huge collection of commercial samples. contains various crowds, too.

google “Huge ass” “sample pack” :P

Are you talking about any specific samples, since you say “them”? :huh:

No, I just said downloading them as referring to samples in general.