Crowd's Favorite Free Online Music Releases

After a slight glance at the board and using the search function, I still couldn’t find a thread about all the good releases there are in the internet. So let us begin the listing! I’ll try to update this first post with your favorite releases, so please provide a functional url, year of release and maybe some sorta genre listing for any release you’re suggesting. And no spamming of your own work! Extended Plays and Long Plays only.

Aleksi Virta - ‘…Meets Torsti At The Space Lounge’
Delicate release combining ambient, trip-hop, dub, bossanova and funk. b[/b]

Tokyo Dawn Records - Practice Avoiding Mistakes (compilation)
“Jazz-soul-hip-hop” as they put it on the release site. b[/b]

Aphilas - Instrumentally Ill EP
Let’s just say this is one of the best chillout/downtempo releases ever made. b[/b]

Discoghosts - Bad: b[/b]

Tracky Birthday - Animal Audition: b[/b]

Candlestickmaker - A life in a day: b[/b]

Renewed and refilled and favorite for years: