ctrl c & ctrl v doesn't work anymore in pattern editor

and I can’t find out why?

copy/paste works with rightclicking with mouse… but nothing happens with ctrl c/v

edit: ctrl a works… ctrl x works… but ctrl c and v… nope…

not in pattern editor… and not in sample editor

First thing that comes to mind - have you adjusted the content mask in advanced editing panel? I’ve ran into some WTF-moments with that one…


alt-click on the pattern editor?

Pattern Editor is one place (and I think also the Matrix) where you don’t need to hold Alt while clicking (or middle mouse button) to set the focus if you do have Focus Lock set to On.

Have you definitely got these shortcuts set correctly? Have you checked in the Keys section of Preferences that Copy Selection for Pattern Editor is set to be Ctrl+C? (My names may be incorrect as I do not have Renoise in front of me.)

Or could it possibly have something to do with the multiple clipboards Renoise can use for copy and pasting? This is something I know exists but have never used or played with myself…

I had some stuff like this when fullscreen on linux… really annoying plus weird… ctrl+c seems to work, but then with ctrl+v suddenly gets the data from another clipboard register or sth, like the last text i selected in browser or sth…
ehh. sorry. this has probably nothing to do with your prob

completely uninstalled and reinstalled… works again now…

Another idea:
I had such WTF moments when I didn’t notice Win XP changed the language in the language bar. (I use Hangul input sometimes) There must be some Windows shortcut for this, which I accidentially hit from time to time. But I never bothered to check what that shortcut is.

Left alt+shift is the default.

in osx 10.8.2 i have the same problem with copypast and any keys working random. when i push play song (rcontrol) included rec mode.