Ctrl-K - Clear Track From Cursor

CTRL-K removed everything in the current track from cursor position to the bottom. I used that function so much in protracker while composing a new track. I still find myself pressing it.

Love to see this simple but production boosting function return in renoise.

[ALT] + [Z] to mark the entire track below the current line.
[ALT] + [F3] to cut/delete the selection.

Not quite as simple as a single keystroke, but still pretty easy.

It would also be quite simple to make a custom Lua tool shortcut that could do it all in one keystroke.

yes please! B)

This does the job, thanks! I thought I knew all the shortcuts, guess I need an updated cheatsheet :)

P.S. I’ve given the lua tool a quick try, but all I managed so far is clearing the entire pattern. Is there any way of reading the cursor position? I couldn’t find it.


function clear_track(start_line, end_line)  
 local pattern_track = renoise.song().selected_pattern_track   
 for line_index = start_line, end_line do  
function clear_track_above_cursor()  
 local start_line = 1  
 local end_line = renoise.song().transport.edit_pos.line - 1  
 if (end_line >= 1) then  
 clear_track(start_line, end_line)  
function clear_track_below_cursor()  
 local start_line = renoise.song().transport.edit_pos.line  
 local end_line = renoise.song().selected_pattern.number_of_lines  
 clear_track(start_line, end_line)  

In your tool, you can map the functions clear_track_above_cursor() and clear_track_below_cursor() to different shortcuts.

clear_track_above_cursor() will clear everything above the current edit cursor position.

clear_track_below_cursor() will clear everything below (and including) the current edit cursor position.

I think it makes sense this way, but you can obviously tweak the logic if it doesn’t quite suit your needs.

Hope this helps :)