`Ctrl + P` Continuous Paste In Automation Editor

Not necessarily a bug and not Beta specific but an inconsistancy:

Ctrl + P Continuous Paste in pattern editor pastes but doesn`t change selection

Ctrl + P Continuous Paste in automation editor takes the end of the selection to the end of the automation lane/ pattern with it.

I prefer the pattern editor way I guess partly as I am used to it. But is there a use/ need for Ctrl+P to change the selection in automation that is worth the inconsistancy?

I’d actually prefer that there was an option to modify the selection accordingly to ctrl-p, nudge, shrink etc.

yes, expand and shrink modify the selection, in pattern editor.

nudge, Ctrl + P, Ctrl + V (normal paste) do not in pattern editor.

then as mentioned Ctrl + P in automation does modify the selection.

Maybe could all be looked at a bit.