[ctrl]+[shift]+[a] = deselect, please?

As the title states - I’d very much like to see that simple function to clear the current selection and “deselect all”.

We’ve got [ctrl]+[a] to “select all” - just like we know it from most programs.

So my suggestion would be to use the most common key combination[ctrl]+[shift]+[a] to “deselect all”, but I’m sure if it finds its way into renoise, it’ll be reconfigurable anyways.

Thanks for your consideration! :slight_smile:

CTRL+SHIFT+A is already taken - per default, it’s assigned to “Everything in column, above cursor” and works in conjunction with CTRL+SHIFT+Z (everything below).

I would personally prefer if we had a keyboard shortcut which could select all (CTRL+A), and then, when triggered again, deselect everything.

So, it would have a bit of intelligence - only when the selection does in fact span the entire pattern will it deselect.

Worst case? Hit CTRL+A two times.

Read your other post on keyboard shortcuts too, btw. :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks for getting in touch! Yeah, I wanted to file it as a request into the right category too :slight_smile:

Hitting [ctrl][a] twice would do the trick too. But I just tried [ctrl][shift][a] and nothing happened - same for [ctrl][shift][z/y] - so I checked the default mappings. Turns out what you’re referring to is

[alt][a] = select whole track above

[alt][y] = select whole track below

[alt][shift][a] = select note column above

[alt][shift][y] = select note column below

You’ve mixed up [ctrl] and [alt], yes? As far as I can tell [ctrl][shift][a] is unmapped by default. Cool thing you guys actually considered the German layout! :slight_smile: (you know, [y] and [z] are switched on our layout)

Edit/ps: Actually the key doesn’t matter that much. Important is to be able to deselect, because within the selections the colors change slightly and mix me up and distract me, so I just want to deselect. Not having to [double click] with the mouse, but have a key (any key, hehe) would be an improvement :wink:

You’ve mixed up [ctrl] and [alt], yes?

Oops. Eheh…yes, wrote this by memory :blush:

Seems that my hand knows better, those shortcuts are definitely part of the muscle memory.

Tehe, so I can has [ctrl][shift][a] nao! :w00t: :slight_smile:

Scripting this with our Lua API is super easy.

You just need to trigger the following code:

renoise.song().selection_in_pattern = nil

Here’s a very simple tool which implements the above code in the form of a new keyboard shortcut: Pattern Editor > Selection > Clear Selection
5286 com.renoise.ClearSelection.xrnx

Drag the .xrnx file onto Renoise to install the tool, then map it via your Keyboard preferences.

Oh… that’s just awesome! Thank you very much! Works like a charm… :dribble:

Lua API, ya? Seems like I’ve got to dive into another language. Already seen a hint about it, but didn’t think it could do stuff like that. Very cool indeed.