Ctrl+Z not standard binded to Undo anymore?

Works for me still, what OS and architecture are you using?

I add this to
I just reset all the keys and no more problem I’m on linux 64 bit
but it is surprising . no more undo click click click … check pref

to reproduce for me :
1:start renoise 2.7 make music and undo close
2:start renoise 2.8 beta make music, no more undo
Already assigned to: Sample Editor:Process:Swap Stereo Channels

Hmm k yeah I guess it’s an Azerty thing.

That might be indeed a problem.

The same here, I rebinded it (Win7).

Yeah need to rebind undo to Ctrl+Z on azerty keyboard here too.

I have the same problem even with the last beta. Any news about it?

You need to assign Undo to Ctrl+Z yourself. :)

As simple as that… Thanks!