Cubase > (ReWire)Renoise > (VST)Halion: Renoise Crashes

Steps to reproduce:

  1. open Cubase (7). Make sure “Devices --> Rewire Renoise” has some inputs selected.

  2. open Renoise. Renoise displays message “Renoise has detected a ReWire master application. Would you like to connect to this instance as ReWire slave?” Select Yes.

  3. Attempt to either 1. load Halion (5) as a new plugin, or 2. load a song that already has Halion (5) as a plugin.


the following popup dialog appears:

eLicenser Control - Error

Application " has caused the following error:

An important service has become unresponsive.

Please restart your computer to fix this problem.

Please visit <> to download and install the latest version of the eLicenser Control software in case the problem persists.

Renoise crashes.


Renoise shouldn’t crash, should be able to work as expected.


  1. I’m using a demo version of Renoise

  2. I have the latest eLicenser control software

  3. Without starting Cubase, first starting Renoise and then adding Halion (5) as a VST plugin works just fine (Renoise doesn’t crash and I’m able to track music).




I’ve posted this issue also in the Steinberg forums (Cubase, Halion). I’d really like to get Renoise to work with Cubase and Halion. Any help on this issue plz?



Looks like eLicencer has troubles running in two applications, two processes at the same time. Probably that’s in general not supported.

Don’t think that we can do something here to fix that in Renoise. Could you please contact the eLicencer crew as well?

I sent a support request to Steinberg, and the request has been forwarded to the development team in Germany. (Keeping my fingers crossed.)