Cubase tempo problem

I am exporting loops from Renoise to arrange in Cubase however the tempo seems a little off.

I did a search but only found someone mentioing it being a problem.

This must have come up before, is there a way to sort this?

Thanks in advance.

How are you exporting?

Render to disk 24 bit as parts

The tempo should be correct. Can you try rendering it whole and checking if the tempo seems off?

Thanks mate.

I will but just to clarify, it seems that the end of the block contains some additional silence, perhaps I can simply cut it off?

I will double check a few things.

Is this a known error?

I think, if you’re rendering each track separately the result of the silence in the end is simply Plugin Delay Compensation.

I did a test on whole render and there is an extra really small chunk at end of each block.

I am not sure if it is silent tho, do you think I should just cut it off and get on with arranging?

yes, just delete the end


Just to mention, I turned off Plugin delay comp and still same thing.

It does seem as if the first sample is bang on first beat but then others are slightly out :frowning:

I am sure if this was an issue I would have read more than one random person going on about it right?

This guy:

Maybe you could supply a .xrns? This ‘problem’ both applies and doesn’t. If the time signature you’ve set in Cubase is not that you have according to the LPB, then it will be displayed incorrectly in Cubase.

Wait, no nvm. Renoise bpm is the same and that’s what was your question. I’ve checked it before and just now too just in case.

So if the BPM in Renoise is 150 and the tempo in Cubase is also 150, there could still be an issue?

So if the BPM in Renoise is 150 and the tempo in Cubase is also 150, there could still be an issue?

The DoA thread you linked to is from 2005. A lot has changed since then.

150 BPM is 150 BPM. It’s a simple calculation to perform, and there should not be any difference when using the latest versions of Renoise.

Are you sure that the BPM in Renoise is precisely 150? Double click the value to fully expand it, and see if there are any decimal places, like 150.002 or something weird.

Which exact version of Cubase are you using?

Which exact version of Renoise are you using?

What is the song you’re having trouble with? Can you share it with us? (You can mail it privately to support at renoise dot com if you prefer)

Does it contain any tempo-related commands?

Is it based on samples and native effects only?

Does it use VSTs? If so, which ones, and how?

Is it a new XRNS song that you’ve created in a recent version of Renoise? (Let’s say 2.8 and above)

Is it an old XRNS that you started years ago, which you’ve now imported into the latest version of Renoise to continue working on it?

Is it an old MOD/XM from some ancient tracker you used on Amiga or the early PC days?

Line it up in cubase, zoom in at the end of beat and see if it’s just silence after, if so you can just crop it to fit, or if using a sampler plugin let it choke itself or crop