Cubase Warez Spotted In Official Waves Tutorial Video

I thought this was pretty interesting…

In a bass guitar tutorial video by Yossi Fine (a featured artist and content producer for Waves), a cracked copy of Steinberg’s Cubase 5.1 can clearly be seen in a directory on the studio computer.

The original video has been taken offline, but can still be seen in a cached copy of the official Waves Facebook page, and has also been re-uploaded to Youtube by another user.


The filename can be seen in the 720p clip, but here’s an image I made to highlight it:

Some discussion about this going on over at KVR:

It will be very interesting to see if Waves allows this guy to remain as one of their featured artists after this rather stupid mistake.

Doesn’t Cubase need dongles or some shit?

Maybe this guy owns Cubase, but since the copy protection is such a hassle, he uses the cracked version because it’s less of a PITA?

As an aside, do I look good in these rose tinted glasses?

It’s possible I suppose. Still quite an embarrassing oversight on someone’s part, though. I just found it rather amusing considering that Waves plug-ins also use dongle-based copy protection.

Ha! i did not know that (I don’t have either Waves or Cubase).

Karma’s a birch tree.

HaHa, I wonder where he keeps his porn…

Yeah. It’s extra amusing because Waves kicked up quite a stink a while ago over people using illegal copies of their software in studios.

That’s hilarious,
reminds me of this:

It is not surprising.

I know some pro’s making big dough with their musics, station-calls, advertisement music, having ridiculous hardware (protools) setups / insurances to cover all their shit, still using a lot of wares on the side. The line between ‘don’t make money from wares’ & ‘try before buy’ is pretty thin.

shemales or qt??? haha

The folder of vids sitting there on the desktop. XD

not surprising, i wouldnt want to pay for that

huh, cheaper than i thought. pretty powerful software. but anything over $150 idk

Don´t know what supposed to b seen here… i get a 403 error message (forbidden)

Shemale vids are forbidden in your country :P

If the guy has money enough to buy the expensive hardware he uses in his home recording studio, then he has probably bought the Cubase 5 License.

When you search a bit infos about the AIR team that cracked Cubase 5, you see that this team is able to work thousands of hours on a reverse engeenering project, they understand so well the code they’re cracking that they’re able to fix a few bugs in it…

Some customers complained about Dongles - and a dongle is a hardware-based protection scheme requiring for example that your plug a USB device that works like a key. Apparently it seems that sometimes, you can’t use 2 dongles on the same target platform. On some computers (hyperthreading mode), under Windows, (XP, Vista…), there’s a problem with detection of some USB devices. You update one of your dongle-protected software… and the other ones aren’t working anymore… When you plug your dongle in a new USB port, it’s not recognised anymore… when you put a dongle + a webcam on a hub, for example, it’s not recognised anymore. The first one unactivates the second one. Or there’s a problem with the OS power managment system that turns off a USB device automatically, what produces a crash on your DAW…, there are so many problems that happened that a few customers bought the license, but finally used a cracked version.

Because removing the protection code from the app, makes it faster, and more reliable.

Example of an unsatisfied customer :…54c7388a14c9cbb

as far as I know, there was a “post your desktop” thread on a photoshopper forum.
the guy wanted to show off his latest work, he posted this:


Both screenshots are funny, shamales & warez Cubase.