Cubasis Vs. Reaper Vs. new sony acid music studio

I really like the look of Cubasis, but it only runs on ios.

Wish it will come to windows 10.

If you had to choose one software out of cubasis, reaper and new sony acid music studio which would it be and why?

Jacob Haq of Haq attaq has done some great videos on cubasis such as the one below ( cubasis looks like the best out of the three to me, but only ios, that sucks big time, i want it on windows 10 tablet ) :

cubase has a really good drum editor, that’s it

even on the ipad I find auria better as cubasis, although I had used cubase at atari for a long time
reaper is great, but it also takes a lot of time to understand, the only thing that bothers me it’s linear (as cubase or a tape machine )

the only thing that bothers me it’s linear (as cubase or a tape machine )

… or is it?

There’s a plugin that adds clip-launching ableton-style to Reaper.

Me would choose the Tape - Machine.

:walkman: :ph34r: :walkman:

thanks Radian, playtime looks very interesting :guitar:
did you, someone already tried that?
how is the workflow with midi, redux?

are unlimited “clips” as in ableton possible? (can not find this point in the manual)

Cubasis is the only one out of the three which is fully touch controlled and portable for tablets.

Renoise doesnt have audiotracks, I want to add live guitar and persussion. Thats the reason I’m looking into these.

Does anyone have any opinion on sony acid pro 8 or sony music studio ( i guess music studio is acid pro with some features removed )…they looks quite full featured for the price ( 150 euro ), but it might be a terrible choice, I dont know, someone was saying it has some advantages and some dubstep producers still use it apparently…any thoughts?



Those above give me a slight headache just from starring at them…isnt there a demo - version of acid u could try, first?

Why does it have to be just those three options? There’s many more good DAWs out there…

…like the bullet - proof Reaper & Renoise #combo, which would be less than 150 Buckz?!! :walkman:

Why does it have to be just those three options? There’s many more good DAWs out there…

I did use Acid back in the day and it was great, moved on to renoise and forgot about it, then needed audio tracks/editing/midi recording so I went for reaper to compliment renoise, recently tried acid again and imo reaper is just better/faster although acid needs very little configuration and has easier learning curve. But in the end I think reaper can do everything acid can and much more, also it`s more stable, has smaller memory footprint, has no unneeded extra content, launches faster etc

@Gavin :

I guess I’m looking at only those three because of the price. I cant afford a super powerful computer and an expensive license for protools, cubase or ableton.

I want something that is quite future-proof and with reliable developers behind it too though. Thats why I keep on leaning towards cubasis, as it is new, touch controlled, portable ( runs on a tablet ) and by reliable industry standard type developer / software company… but I just dont want the price and annoyance of apple products. I would definitely choose cubasis if it ran on windows 10 tablets. I dont understand the choice to only allow cubasis to run on ipads…

It seems like acid was going to be one of the standards back in the day, but then it just flopped / fell off…so I’m worried if I invest a lot of time into reaper it might have the same problem in the future…

Also I want to travel and produce so I dont want something that requires sitting at a desk with a keyboard + mouse + midi keyboard + audio midi interface.

Trying to keep it all as lightweight as possible whilst being as good as it can be too. I just want to get high quality recordings of guitar, percussion, maybe dijeridoo and whatever can be miced up over my synth backing tracks which are done in renoise…the backing tracks are good enough quality already imo, but its a different story when it comes to using mics and pickups or whatever shit…cant be too expensive, cant be heavy / non portable, needs to be touch controlled

Peoples work sounds so glossy, high quality these days. I’m not sure if its because they have infinite money for mastering every track professionally in a studio or if its because they really understand mastering. Its not the same as back in the day when you could get away with making a beat MPC only…things always sound so pro these days. I cant even use monitors where I live or when travelling so I have to do everything on headphones…I cant pay $500 for headphones either so its like I ned to get the best bang for the buck or whatever special deals, good prices, or build up to only do live stuff but I would like to hand out CDs if I was playing live…

Mastering studios are saying like $500 dollars per track for pro mastering…its too much, probably hand out CD for free anyway

steinberg, their cubase is one of the most expensive daws on updates. however, it also very well equipped
reaper is meanwhile quite common, its from the winamp developer justin frankel, money behind it, i think It will probably be a while

ibm x31 + echo indigio + reaper should be available for less than 100 Doller (i used this laptop also abroad over 10 Years )
windows xp - many formerly paid vsts you get now for free
with touchscreen without apple I would not take anything under a used surface pro and bitwig

music can be today cheap in any relationship, its a great time :walkman:


Thanks for the detailed reply. I fully understand your position and getting bang for your buck is important. I’ve certainly shopped around myself to maximise what I get for the little I wanted to pay. That’s one of the reasons why Renoise was so compelling to me when I purchased it and then later Redux. Additionally, though not relevant to you perhaps, is that I grew up with trackers and my only operating system nowadays is Linux and that narrows my options to some degree when it comes to standout DAWs.

My suspicion is that being productive solely from a tablet while on the go will be a little difficult but I may be wrong about that. I see tablets as a way to more so compliment a traditional DAW set-up rather than replace it. Others will have a better ground opinion on this I think though.

Though I love love love Renoise, it does have some shortcomings that have made me shop around for other DAW software - mainly because I’ve started working more with vocals over the last year. I’ve settled in Tacktion Waveform 9 which is about $100 and it does all the things that those big $300, $500 & $800 DAWs do. It’s cross-platform too so I get to keep my Linux OS. For me personally, its workflow and GUI makes a hell of a lot more sense than Reaper. Waveform is $109 and other than Renoise, it’s the best money I’ve spent on audio production software.

But like others are saying, give Reaper a whirl. Actually, even Harrison Mixbus might be an option and its inexpensive too.

I know what you mean about just a tablet perhaps not being enough for producing, mixing and mastering.

It seems like in future returning to the computer shouldnt be necessary though.

So far Cubasis looks quite complete but there are others competing, auria, ntrack etc.

Cubasis seems to be the best option for tablet only but I cant afford apple products.

There were some rumours that Cubasis was going to come out on windows 10.

I might wait for either that or renoise to be updated with audiotracks ( which may not happen ).

Waveform looks good, first time Ive seen that one.

Good to know that reaper wont be going anywhere anytime soon ( winamp was great too, vlc all the way these days ).

I’ve also only ever really used trackers. Impulse tracker then Skale tracker then milkytracker ( MT portable on PDA ) then renoise and sunvox ( SV portable on tablet).

I tried some other trackers too but they had some fucked up ‘speed’ that wasnt BPM ( much like early trackers such as impulse tracker ) so not useful at all for sampling out of…also some grooveboxes : MPC1000 and boss sp505. They were both fun, MPC1000 has shitty build quality…shitty pads, shitty clicky buttons, old compact flash cards and they charge to much for their measly RAM cards. SP505 had some nice effects but no velocity sensitive pads, only 8 voices and uses those old cards that were before SD cards ( smart media cards ).

Other trackers were famitracker, littlegameparktracker ( portable on psp ), adlib tracker 2 and lsdj ( they all have non BPM speed, except littlegameparktracker, which is unfinished software, its a shame ). Renoise and Sunvox are the winners although I still use milkytracker on PDA ( best portable option imo…nice form factor, D-pad + stylus…good grip, no tired one arm business ).

I think I will wait and see what happens with cubasis, hope it will come out for windows 10, if not, reaper is probably my second choice i guess.

If I had the money I might have to move to microsoft surface with ableton and push2.

I’m not such a fan of the ableton live lite demo I tried…everything is nice except the pianroll.

They should bring out a complete, portable, battery powered, keyboard workstation…something like yamaha reface but with renoise built in ( not going to happen )…or a new version of the yamaha qy100 style handheld workstation idea ( they are cheesey by now using old school cards, but the form factor and the idea of it are great, portable all in one ).

Just downloaded the demo of harisson mix bus .

A fine piece of software , exporting from renoise into harrison , realy nice per track compressors .

It’s a steal at 70 euro , the more fancier 32c version includes some modelled eq’s etc…but at a higher price

Similar to what the peepz on gearslutz telling bout that Mixbus thang; plus sum #stability issues for the earlier versions.

Reaper is great - but it does take, “lots of practice.” I use it mostly for its great encoding, fast rendering, and just, “everybody should have a license to Reaper.” When ever other program crashes the world ends, “Reaper will still be here, updated weekly.” j.k (sorta)

Cubasis, Reaper, or the new Sony Acid?


Would you still choose reaper if cubasis was available for windows or linux?

( so many programs begin with ‘re’ : renoise, reason, reaper, redux, rebirth )

thanks Radian, playtime looks very interesting :guitar:
did you, someone already tried that?
how is the workflow with midi, redux?

are unlimited “clips” as in ableton possible? (can not find this point in the manual)

Yeah I’ve tried it, it’s pretty cool so I’m going to learn it a bit better.

You can trigger it with MIDI and hold MIDI items in it as well as audio (or video), so yeah MIDI is no problem.

I don’t have redux and haven’t learnt ableton properly so can’t answer the questions there.¯_(ツ)_/¯

thnx radian,

i changed a few days ago with newer pc of windows xp on windows 7
think about buying ableton or bitwig, a pattern midi sequenzer
but both programs do not convince me fully, hard decision

i really like the open structure of reaper, it also seems to be very customable
midi seems to me a bit fiddly (hard-disk recording is not intersting for me)

spend next more time and see how much I get with reaper and playtime


ultimately, just try it yourself
as an an example
i prefer to play with midi without quantization, so renoise is actually unsuitable for me
but every time when I start renoise i must smile, it’s so much fun