Curiosity: What Tool Are You Working On And What Have You Planned.

:) … actually this should be not too hard, but there are still some realtime limitations of the scripting framework (e.g. suitable undo/redo handling).
So we’ll see how fast this can be solved :wink:

Right now I don’T think it’S possible to hide tracks. But you could do an ugly hack:
create your own document structures and copy the complete track to an own track-document.
Then delete the track from the official song and thus hide it. If you need it, re-create it with your stored data.
Should work, but not too nice. I’m also not sure if the own document structure an be saved together with the song.

The positive aspect of it: you could store single tracks to hard drive and reload it from there.

Why doesn’t somebody write a tool for merging Renoise patterns/tracks/songs ?

Does Johan still post here? :) Wonder if he has any updates featuring more sox presets etc?

I’m collecting ideas for Duplex applications, cool stuff that we can do with controllers.
One of the things that’s high on my list is a mixer application designed for instruments instead of tracks:

o Instrument selector (control multiple instruments at the same time)
o Global transpose (using keyboard, affects MIDI/Sample/VST basenote)
o MIDI: Delay
o MIDI: Duration
o MIDI: Basenote
o Sample: Volume
o Sample: Basenote
o Sample: Finetune
o Sample: Panning
o Sample: Sync (0-512, 0 = sync disabled)
o Plugin: Volume
o Plugin: Basenote
o Plugin: Program

My idea for Duplex expansion, which I’ve started to plan, is the ability to create layouts and use the default MIDI mapping interface/system to map a Duplex slider to a knob/slider in Renoise.

Also, show which instrument is selected in sequencer via virtual display/lcd and turn off lights when tool is closed. Is it possible to turn the lights off without unplugging the usb?

I like the idea of trying out MIDI mappings and with beta 7 it just got possible. But know this: full-blown duplex mappings can’t be transferred to the standard MIDI mapping dialog as such, it’s basically a one-to-one system where duplex is bidirectional. Also, Duplex is already working with a concept of groups and layout, in which a control knows which one is next to it. Duplex mappings are group-based, normal MIDI mappings only works on a single control.
I assume therefore you want to control options using standard MIDI mappings? Application options are the parameters that control the application’s behavior, and these are easily mapped and adjusted in real-time.

OK, before I get too many new ideas, there is actually some code that I need to dig out…

Try to select “none” in the duplex device list to force all devices to shut down. Confirmed to work with launchpad and monome, which need this kind of shutdown