Curiosity: What Tool Are You Working On And What Have You Planned.

Asking out of curiosity… If more people are trying to program something similar, they could even collaborate. This thread could also help to prevent people programming the same thing. This thread is NOT about tools you wish to have or any feature requests please. If you’re reading about a planned tool here and you want to discuss it, open a new thread please. Just trying to keep this thread as sort of list without much clutter.

So i’m starting with my plans…

Currently in development:

  • Mixer Snapshots - Allows you to store multiple snapshots of the mixer and it’s parameters, compare them with auto cycling through snapshots or manually recall them.


  • Mixer Channel Dimming - Kinda similar to soloing a track, but instead of muting the other ones they get lowered in volume by a specific amount. - Remap Device Automation - Ever wanted to swap a device in the song but some parameters are automated? With this tool you can copy automations song wide from one device into another one.

I haven’t had the time to learn how to code but I am compiling compositional methods and building formulas that works both on paper and general DAWs even though I don’t plan on using anything else besides Renoise. Its the fastest way to get from point A to B and all the way to Valhalla, any hick-ups along the way just points out what I need to learn in order to completely compose in a fluid manner while maintaining sub chapters of unexplored areas.

_Hemiola based rhythmic algorithm.
_Macro organizer 1 (So I can see what, where, when, and how many rhythm, interval, and note patterns I’m using).
_Macro organizer 2 (So I can compare side by side, instruments + dsp’s being used, according to frequency range. Sort of like an extended instrument frequency chart, but small enough so my eyes aren’t wandering).
_Interval based piano roll documenting both linear and vertical intervals.
_Keyboard and guitar converter.
_Guitar with finger placement sequencer.

_Experiment with Double, Triple, and Quadruple Counterpoint.
_Experiment with Canonic devices.
_Use modified chord progression chart.
_Compile a lyrics manager based on solmization, accent & spelled pronunciation, + category.

Possibly, if I get good at coding, i could make something, but first I want to be sure what’s possible and what’s not. Maybe I could make a renoise audiosurf :w00t:

Run Commands on Selection is my current flirtation, the next update will be kewl.

SoXBoX, a frontend for a few functions of SoX, but I might never really bother with that since I’m much more curious what I can make the above do… ! But yeah, it exists and can pitchshift and stretch, so if someone wants a frontend for something SoX does, ask me, I can at least give you a stub that should save you some work.

okay, now on on to plans… however, I don’t really like telling, because then I feel obliged, and others who had the same idea might be put off from doing something I might never get around doing.

Selector will manipulate sample editor selections and store them as presets. say, you want to select 1/8 of a sample and then move that selection to the right in 1/8 steps. or you edit a portion of a sample and want to edit the same portion in a another sample of the same length. or select “x samples/seconds” to the left or right of the the current selection, truncate the selection while keeping it centered or trim from either end. That sort of thing. Nothing huge, just a little helper.

Collapse Unused remove unused note, fx, pan, vol and delay columns. which is a perfect example for something very simple that I might not get around making for a while because other things seem more fascinating right now. so yeah, not calling dibs on that, the sooner someone creates that the better ^^

I of course have more ideas floating in my head but those two are ones I want for myself.

I also want something that can give you some info about the current selection, like peak volume, number of frames, duration in seconds. But that isn’t really worth mentioning, I guess we’ll soon drown in such little helpers anyway (HOPEFULLY!! :D :D)

Unfortunately someone already did that: GitHub - renoise/xrnx: The official Renoise Lua Scripting repository ;)

But its not a tool - yet.

yay! scratches off list

development: ReSlide
planned: ReGroove - Something similar, but more advanced for groove creation, templates etc …

Hey, no need to program. If you need me to write lyrics for you just PM me ;)

I’ve just started a sort of pattern sequencer type thing where you can define a pattern of any length and it will take use that to set effect values. It’s basically working except I have no interface for it, you have to edit the pattern array etc by hand in the script.

For example I am using it as a trance-gate type thing with the native gain module. Does that sound useful to anyone?? If not please stop me now before I spend hours working on making an interface for it :P

I was thinking of calling it gREat(e)! but in reality it could be used for more than just a gate, filter automation comes to mind.


i second that

OK, I won’t give up now then, thanks for your support! I’ll start a new thread when I get something together that can be used without working on code. Starting to make progress already :)

Working on;

Enhanced Comment Box
A comment box that allows multiple users to have their own section and colour coding, for collabing.

Erm, some other stuff.

working on:

LoopLinkup – a (gui)tool to link the sample loop start & end points to any automatable parameters in the device section. -> automatable loop-points

50% done

planned: maybe do the samething for instrument envelopes… gotta rtfm if its even accessible first, though.

Wicked! Looking forward to it :)

could something like this also been done with start/end points of a selection in sample view?
it would bring back sweet memories of the trusty akai samplers,using a knob to cut the sample.
it would be especially useful for fine editing.

I’m working on new scales for Progressor v0.3.

Awesome ! I’m also focusing right now on mixing / postprocessing and mixing improvement.

My stuff under development right now:

Planned stuff:

  • Support for Non-destructive Solo/Unsolo
  • Support for Grouping Channels / bind,sync faders / pan together (Submixes)

Also cool. I’d like to use the SoX statistical analysis function. E.g. overall RMS, dc offset, stereo distribtuion. SoX is really great here and comparable to the functions of Wavelab etc.

now that one i will look forward too :D