current polyphonic filter

All of renoise effects can be replaced by vst’s , if we want to , of course better filterdsp’s and compressors are most welcome .
This however is not the case for the polyphonic filter in the sampler instrument , .
The more I work with them , the more I dislike them , but like I said …they can’t be replaced when doijng polyphonic processing .
Filter 2 pole 2 , assuming this is a 2 pole 12 db filter in series , as it’s name suggest ( thus a 4 pole filter ) however it’s cut off slope is les narrow than the 2 pole . , unless the 2 means 2 times oversampling …and not 2* 2pole in series
I have a feeling the filter is scaled wrong …especialy towards the lower end .
Also …resonace set to 0.0 , messes with your samples …making them duller (noticeable with saw waves) …I gues that’s the reason why resonance was always set to 0.30 ( default when turned of ) in renoise 2.8,
Filter 2 pole , equally as bad …just filter without resonance and you’ll notice how weak it sounds …
Moog …resonance limit should be 0.88 and not 1 …everything above 0.9 is ear piercing digital nastyness when sweeping cut off freq…
Since all of the sampler filters work polyphonic , it’s understandable that the code is optimized for multiple voices etc…but still …are these filters some
part of arguru’s legacy …and out of respect they are still here ?
Is it too difficult to delve into renoise voice allocation system to change these filters ???
Anyway , here my suggestion , we as a community pay around an additional 10 euro’s , to get a good sounding polyph.filter …be it a third party implementation or what …doesn’t matter , anything but the current ones .
Selling the upcoming redux with these filters ( cornerstone of any sampler ) is …well a verry bad idea .
REdux will mostly appeal to those who want to delve deep into sound design etc…basic sculpting tools are fundamental
So what do you say …
Take my money

I agree the instrument filters are a bit weak, they are going to have a difficult time selling Redux without them being improved.

I agree but that nasty sound of moog filter is emulation of peak reasonance imho…

Have to agree here. Some of the filters meanwhile indeed sound weak and outdated. 2014 could sound different. It’d be really nice to have an updated set of filters and probably one HQ analog emulation with flexible slopes and resonance behavior.

The resonance shreeking should have been taking care of 3 versions ago when I first killed my ears & headphones, now I stay clear from setting the resonance to high in some of these filters. Keep the old ones for backwards compatibility or and/low cpu drainage, ask Ohmboys for some pointers on class filtering :wink:

the filters in multitapdelay are excellent .
Only the bandpass has resonance …adding reso to lp and the hp and the excellent sounding overdrive …
Putting these in the instrument tap would be a winner .
But like I said , the filters in are polyphonic …adding the multitapdelay filters in poly mode could be verry cpu hungry .
Then again …there are some freebie synths with poly zdf filters that sound excellent and are verry cpu friendly …'blaukraut charlatan ’

Some new instrument filters would be nice, but with fx-chains you could get the dsp filters to work polyphonic too though, so personally i would prioritize to upgrade those instead.

Setting up a separate dsp filter or each sample + lfo set to envelope mode?
C’mon , way too tidious