Cursor modifications


I don’t get any feedback by the following question, might any Renoise dev. help me in this one?

In Renoise I like to have the exact same cursor as seen in MAC OS, how to accomplish this? caus I have set a dark cursor in MAC but the Renoise one is white and changing screens, it anoys me.

i can’t find system files from Renoise in my Mac.

Thnx for any suggetions!
Regards D.

right click on renoise in the applications folder and select “show package contents”
from there it’s contents>resources>skin>cursors
You can do what you want with the files, but guessing you’ll need to keep the names exactly the same


Thank you so much! not yet a pro in mac should know that. thumbs up!


good luck! hope it works, and share your dark cursor set if you get it working :+1:
sometimes renoise can be finicky with the format graphics are saved in. Not sure if this will apply to .gifs

If time permits first need to learn how to accomplish not that easy as in Windows as i thought though