Hi I’m a newbie, In instrument setting I have a Bass deep in the right hand column there’s a volume curve setting. I made two presets one was the default and the other a sharper release. Is there a way of triggering those presets maybe a some sort of hidden code?

nope, presets are not automatable. you can see which are automatable by the little icons next to the parameters. for example, take a look at the Delay: - you see the little grey blocks to the right of each slider? when you automate the slider, these become filled in to indicate the presence of automation. these blocks are not present for the presets in Renoise.

what you could do is use a Filter to make your volume curve, and another Filter for the 2nd volume curve, then use pattern effects (or automation) to trigger them on/off one at a time.

You can duplicate an instrument and adjust the envelope in the copy as needed. The drawback of this method is that the samples belonging to the instrument are copied too, and if you have 50 megs of wave data in your instrument, that would not make an efficient solution.

However, if your instrument is only a few kilobytes in size that should not be a big problem.

Thanks that worked.